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other uses for large taps?

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  • other uses for large taps?

    I just aquired some large taps (1.5" - 2") and don't see myself threading anything that size in the near future. Other than the obvious, are these monsters good for anything else? I've seen smaller taps ground into cutting tools. Any ideas? Thanks, John

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    Ebay them and use the $ to buy something you want.


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      I second the motion.


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        Maybe you could cut them in such a way as to make a homey-made gear hob.

        Or you could threaten to thread the kids if they misbehave.

        Oh, and how about a very large, headless, self-tapping bolt?



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          Should be great for hemorrhoids. About 10K RPM I would think.

          Whoo Hooo!

          I've got a 1" (diameter) cotter pin. Should look good on the shelf next to that.

          Paul A.
          Paul A.
          SE Texas

          And if you look REAL close at an analog signal,
          You will find that it has discrete steps.


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            I would tuck them away. You never know what may come up.
            Jon Bohlander
            My PM Blog


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              If you have any duplicate or find one that has any teeth chipped on a flute. Then grind all the flutes away except for one. I did this when I needed to cut some serations in the new aluminum jaws I made for the bench vise. Put the modified tap in your mill and go for it. True, the geometry of the tap threads isn't correct for what you are doing, but it worked very well.


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                How about use them for filler in concrete?

                That would save some stones.



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                  There is definitely a market for them. I had a bunch 12 large taps, from 1â€‌ to 2â€‌. Put them in the local buy&sell paper and they sold in no time. However, don’t expect to make as much as they are worth new. 10% of new value is more realistic.
                  Some heavy-duty mechanics, or guys who service the large industrial machinery are always interested in these large taps just to cleanout threads.


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                    With a long wooden handle attached they would make good back scratchers.
                    THAT OLD GANG 'O MINE