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Which kind of steel to buy?

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  • Which kind of steel to buy?

    I purchased a piece of steel that I am assuming was 1018 from TSC. I know I paid way to much and I suspect the steel quality isn't very good. So I am looking to get some more steel but I don't know what kinds to get etc.

    I have no specific applications in mind, just want some steel around to turn if and when I need it. I would rather pay more for decent steel than less for lower quality steel.

    I have read on here that 12L14 seems to be a favorite. Is it a good general steel to have around considering the price?

    Also will be purchasing some stainless steel for a specific application. For my application, the type of metal doesn't matter. The stainless is only for looks. 303? or something else.

    Any all input appreciated

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    I'm partial to 1144 ("Stressproof"). I find it machines really well, to a nice finish, and it's strong.

    I've used leaded steel and it certainly machines nicely, but I find that the stuff rusts far more readily than other types of steel, which has sort of put me off it.

    303 is probably a good choice. It's reasonably free-machining, unlike some of the other varieties of stainless.

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      On the stainless, any of the "free machining" stainless steels should serve your purpose. 303 is one of them.
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        I like 100% solid gold bars myself... You can machine them with a pocket knife, and it doesn't matter what you make, it's always going to be worth its weight in gold



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          Say-cue, a better source than tsc may be Tubular Techniques. Its just down in Hilliard. They specialize in tube and bar but Ive bought 2x2 aluminum sq bar just the other day. I would think you could get stainless and Im sure they would have plenty of crs. I could email address and phone if you like.


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            Gold bar it is!!

            Claw: Yeah, give me the info on that outfit in Hilliard

            give me place to go to!


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              I'll second Tubular Techniques, it is a good place. Bought some hard to find aluminum tube there. You might just try Alro steel. They used to be Art Iron and wouldn't sell to little guys. I think that they will sell to anyone now. The Tubular Tec card that I have showes the number (614)-529-4130 3025 Scioto Darby Executive Ct Hilliard, OH. Good luck
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