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New 58 year old American iron - minor gloat

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  • New 58 year old American iron - minor gloat

    Just inherited a South Bend 4 jaw chuck made by Skinner. My father in law bought it in 1947. The photo was taken tonight and the condition is original Serial number 149. How many could they have made?

    added - for the record, the model is #4206-47

    The screws alone on this thing appear to be better finished than anything I've seen in recent times.

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    Wholy Cow, what a beutiful chuck!


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      WOW!!!! that has to be a collectors item. What a score!!!!
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        Now I'm afraid to use it


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          Whats the mount style?


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            Almost unbelievable, it's in new condition. Ok, what else does he have, I want some


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              IO, The mount is 1-1/2 x 8 threaded for the 9" SB Model A (although I think I saw a large bore version once).

              JR, Besides the SB stuff, there is an old post drill press which I posted a while back which is here:



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                Your father in law must have been a real craftsman,to look after his gear like that.
                Unless he just used a 3-jaw all the time,like the low plodders(me) .
                Nice to see though,congrats.I'll check back from "the other place"in 50 years to see how you've looked after it.If you've ruined it,you'll be goin' down with me



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                  Holy Cow ! Chuck I bought new a few months ago and tried to take care of doesn't look that good. . . how was it stored ?
                  Or did you clean it by electrolysis or regrind the whole thing ?



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                    Nice chuck! How can it look so new after 60 years? When I got my 1939 South Bend, with it was a 4 jaw Skinner chuck, marked in the same manner as the one in your picture. Mine does not shine like that, and is a 2 1/4" 8 mount. I'll have to look at the numbers tonight.
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                      Ok, nothing has been done to it other than a spray with Starrett M1 to loosen up old oil and a wipe with a rag. No grinding, sanding or any abrasives whatsoever.

                      The original surfaces all appear to be ground, including the chuck body OD, chuck face and all faces of the jaws.

                      How to keep it so nice? Wipe it with a light coat of oil and put it in a wooden cabinet and ... never use it

                      His 3 jaw chuck has probably molecularly bonded with the spindle by now but looks decent for 60 years. He did some rather large steam engine parts but I think those, especially eccentrics, he took to his workplace to do.

                      Incidentally, the link I posted above has a photo of the lathe it came with.

                      added - just turned a small eccentric out of mild steel this morning for the fun of it and while it could be my imagination this chuck SOUNDS quiet as if the metal is more dense and dampens it. Doesn't have that little "clink" sound when the key or workpiece touch it or during handling and attaching to the spindle. Is this all in my mind or did the older iron behave differently?


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                        It is nice too see something once in a while turns up with out any rust on it .

                        Usually with any thing i want, someone has known i want it 6 months before i know i want it and has sat said item out side until knew


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                          If his daughter looks as good after all that time, you are one lucky guy.


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                            I was going to say what forethought your father in law must have had to buy the chuck a year before the lathe but now I see you say they came together. Obviously the chuck is in pristine condition and what a prize you have.