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OT:Chainsaws and G-strings!

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  • OT:Chainsaws and G-strings!

    Funny as hell,never work here thou
    I just need one more tool,just one!

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    The only thing that scares me about strippers is that damn glitter they wear nowadays. Talk about a dead give away when you come home from the strip club with glitter all over yourself.


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      As a ex-bodyguard for "those kind" I recognize them right off, usually they wrap thier money around thier fingers mindlessly as they wait in checkout lines.

      Ain't nothing like a muscled up firm womans body, nothing more beautiful on this planet.

      As they get older they can't work normal jobs *(just like me).. Spoiled by the easy money and easy lifestyle.

      I taught a redheaded ex-stripper to tattoo, she was getting good too, till her cocaine and crank habit surfaced. (all the change and money dissapearing) I had just taught her shading and shadowing. She tattoos somewhere today..

      Imagine the stir at a swap meet with her tattooing in a bikini?

      David .. Enjoy life fellas, it don't last forever....


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        <font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Enjoy life fellas, it don't last forever....</font>

        In middle age, vacations are kept intentionally short in duration, because
        then one is convinced that time sold for dollars is an extraordinarily good
        bargain. As the years press on, the bargain does not look quite as good. Past
        middle age, one begins to wonder if the bartering of so much time for dollars
        did not make one the victim of a swindle. Logic can never resolve this issue,
        but age inevitably does. When, late in life, one sits under a tree and
        contemplates the glory of a natural scene, there are few besetting apprehensions
        that one is wasting time; lack of time, then, is grimly recognized as the
        greatest poverty; every moment gleaned for leisure is realized as a splendid,
        priceless investment. If only this could be perceived earlier, how much greater
        would be the value of a life's time! -- Calvin Rutstrum


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          Anybody know the quickest way to India?


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            LOL... My only concern is how you actually FOUND this article.

            We need to find a way to get you back in the shop or home!


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              <font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by CCWKen:
              LOL... My only concern is how you actually FOUND this article.

              We need to find a way to get you back in the shop or home!
              Home or shop?I don't have time for that,I'm too busy out tooling around town on my forklift pickin up women

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              I just need one more tool,just one!


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                I believe this is why the PD's in the US now have video in their cars to record what goes on. If a woman claims illicit behavior until back-up arrives, then the Policeman - as warner Wolf puts it "Goes to the tape"!!!!

                As for going to the tape, I imagine they could SELL these tapes on the market - the timber mafia tapes - once the evidence issue wears off.
                CCBW, MAH