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how much torque on a tapping head?

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  • how much torque on a tapping head?

    Just picked up two tapping heads off Ebay, an Ettco and a Procunier. Both checked out perfect inside. In setting up the Ettco on a drill press, I got to wondering how much torque the housing generates when tapping/backing other words, would it be practical to merely hold on to the torque bar while using it? Or if not what is the best way of connecting it to the drill press post? Obviously, it has to be able to slide up and down and also must be restrained in two directions.

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    Torque bar should not be held. It will rap your knuckles like a school marm of days gone by with a ruler.

    I put a simple rod to let is slide against on my cnc mill. I don't see it deflecting? It is I kinda remember at 1/2" dia cold roll.


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      I use both an Ettco and a TapMatic. You'll need to make a torque bar that either mounts to the table or to the quill.

      Mine ended up 14" tall, made from one inch cold-rolled round stock welded to a flat base. The base has two holes and uses two T-bolts that always stay with the torque arm.

      These heads generate enough torque to break an arm or a wrist (with larger taps).

      Ettco was located in Pennsylvania until around 2001. The new owner retained the name & has parts & literature available. You may want to disassemble the head, pour out any oil that's inside, clean the friction surfaces with laquer thinner, and reassemble (per Ettco). No need for any oil in the head as there is only one lower bearing & one upper bearing.

      Ettco sells a small wrench to tighten/loosen the collet nut - about $15 and worth every penny.

      Barry Milton
      Barry Milton


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        Well, I'm sure glad I asked. If I want to get beat up, I'll just ask the X sorta-wife. Don't need to get it from a tapping head.

        Thanks guys