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    We are going up today to purchase a mp3 player for the lowrider (my commuter truck) I spend 2 hours a day in that thing.

    Alpine cd-mp3-WMA player is $199.. Sony MP3 is $129.. not sure which I want yet..

    FOR THE FUN OF IT? Using trueSpace6.6 and its motion-speech dynamic engine I could build a 3d puppet to speak these stories. I really am enjoying the truespace6.6 demo.. easy to use and it has Heads you can stretch, plastisize and play with, motion points (jaws and eyes) are linked in a manner to allow random movements as it talks. Just like a real person. Scary.. just wait till I get the 3d scanner up and running into a 3d truespace enviroment. I can do PEOPLE who talk in thier voice, that look like them, that.... On your desktop.. Ohh Marylynn Monroe, I love it when you talk dirty to me........................
    And put your clothes back on.............

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      Rob and I have known each other since high school. We both went separate ways after high school and wound up teaching at the same college 35 years later. Funny how life works like that sometimes.

      You and Rob might look a lot different, but I think the two of you are cut from the same intellectual cloth (so to speak).

      We had this great science teacher in high school. We were learning about bernouli's principle, and were throwing paper gliders around the room. 35 years ago, you could open the windows in the room, so the teacher suggested that we throw the gliders out the window (we were on the seventh floor), and see how they flew. Rob turned the elevators down on his glider to see if he could make it fly in the window of the room below us. Then he decided to light one on fire. Of course it was the one that went straight into the room of the most boring history teacher you have ever known.

      Does this sound like you?


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        Now? I am writing a simple visual basic program to truncuate the bible into it's chapters and name them. I'll have to determine the <eof> character to add in.. Most the larger stories once configured into mp3 format are too large of a file to store on one cdrom (670mb). This is easy and doo-able.

        Kicking my butt at the moment.. but.. I know a stubborn man with a lot of tattoos.

        Crystal16's voice is pretty darned good. There are better ones out there but not at the cost of the software..