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Another neat toy, educational, and fun

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  • ibewgypsie
    Hi.. Sorry for her.. I really dread when I get older. I been rough on myself.

    Ok.. You take a mp3 player, ipod, or music player, It has a usb port made right onto it. Hook a cable up to your computer, load software, plug in player, ipod or cheapie mp3 like I have.

    Take the software Naturalreader, with AT&T voices, install the MSN speech driver (free) then once software is enabled you simply convert any text into a spoken mp3 file. You can burn that on a cdrom any mp3 player for a auto, or put it onto your small ipod, mp3 player to listen to.

    Books, on the German site are free. I downloaded about six or seven. Player will only hold a couple hours of speech so not sure how to break the books up yet. I downloaded the King James bible, but as of yet my paid for "better AT&T" voices have not been activated. I just paid for them a few hours ago.

    The voices that come with the free software are not that great, you can understand them, but remind me of the old cylons off battlestar galactica.. play with the At&T voices.. is the text to mp3 conversion programs.. listen to the voices and pick out one she'll like.. If you want to burn a cdrom, purchase a mp3 cdrom player (still kinda pricy) or just purchase a ipod or mp3 player.
    This is the usb-pen-drive-mp3 player I bought. It takes ONE AAA battery that lasts about 10 hours. I think.. just estimating it can hold about two hours of mp3s (music files)

    Library online.. check this out..

    They also have spoken word stories people have read into a microphone.. you can burn the wav (wave) files onto a cd for a computer to read, or just hook a recorder up in front of your pc speakers..

    If you need more explanation I'll try my best. Communication is my poor skill.

    David Cofer, Of:
    Tunnel Hill, North Georgia

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  • Smokedaddy
    I have a cousin in the hospital with Guillain Barre Syndrom. She's paralized from the neck down. I'm not sure I understand WHAT you're talking about. Mind explaining it a touch better. How you'd use or do it?

    Hey, so I freaking stupid,

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  • ibewgypsie
    started a topic Another neat toy, educational, and fun

    Another neat toy, educational, and fun

    I bought a 256mb mp3 player off ebay for $25, and shipping.. I bought a excellent Text to speech program using AT&T voices for $40. It can store in MP3 format.

    Simple to put onto a cdrom in mp3, or into the player to wear at work..

    THEN, the free books in text online, THOUSANDS Of them. I downloaded the Grims fairy tales, Edgar allen Poes works, Shakespear, tech manuals, King James bible and.. still finding things.

    ANything in plain text can be converted into a understandable speech. The text to speech/mp3 player I got came with At&T voices which are much better than the microsoft ones..

    Have anyone laid up in a hospital? this'd cheer them up.. It works with Ipods too.