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Anyone here build muzzle loaders?

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  • Anyone here build muzzle loaders?

    I was wondering if any of you build a muzzle loader now and then?

    I enjoy building "Plain-Jane" muzzle loading cap-lock rifles. Either .36 caliber or .50 caliber.

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    i have built a few. a .45 under hammer and a .40 half stock caplock. i started building the machines to make rifle barrels. never got them done.


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      Yup, here's one:

      A Rigby style 45 cal long range match rifle.

      Son of the silver stream ..... Bullet caster.


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        Grandpa was a big black powder guy. He would always be in Friendship, Indiana for the shoots with NMLRA. He must have built 3 or 4 dozen different guns.

        Dad got the bug at a young age as well and has made quite a few. I have a .57 that dad made for me and I hunt deer with. I wouldn't hunt deer with anything different.

        I have a pistol project started. I need to put some more time into it. The machining bug keeps getting in the way. It does make for a good winter project.

        Dad is trying to get me to start building lock parts. I need to look into it more. Might be neat to build every part. Makes the project more personal.

        Almost forgot, the last muzzle loading pistol started by G-paw and finished by Dad. I wish I knew Granddad before he passed on.

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          Amusing tale re muzzle loaders.

          CT had a program some years back designed to get assault rifles off the streets.

          Turn in an offending fire arm to the state police and recieve a $50 coupon from one of several participating sponsors. (Sears was one)

          Feeling it nothing less than my civic duty to rid the streets of these mayhem causing devices I gathered what evil equipment I had and proceeded to the local police barracks.

          At the reception window I deposited my sinister cache of weaponry; one replica 45 cal smooth bore rifle of indeterminate manufacture, rusted. One replica 45 cal smooth bore pistol, trigger missing.
          One black powder 12 ga. replica side by side, right bbl expanded from an enthusiastic charge.

          "What the hell is this!?" the watch captain demanded.

          "I'm truly afraid someone will raid my house and use these to evil ends, so here you go" I answered...yes, with a straight face.

          "Well, we can't really consider THESE to be assault weapons!" he dismissed.

          "No?" I retorted.

          "Weapons like these assaulted the hell out of the British awhile back, didn't they?

          I left, $150 worth of coupons from Sears in my hand!

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            I have built one, a .50 cal Hawken Mountain Rifle replica.

            Free software for calculating bolt circles and similar: Click Here


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              WE had the same thing here several years back,the guns had to be in working order right down to the magazines,or no money.
              still the line was about75 people long. I saw a lil ol lady there twards the back with a box it was getting hot, and the good guy I am I asked to see her gun ,she said it was her late husbands from the war, thinking it was a colt 45 acp but the box was longer. I offered to give her the $50 so she wouldn't have to stand in the heat, she thought i was kind and said ok,I took the box to the truck before I looked inside, No .45 but a very nice luger all matching #'s including the holster and both mags but 2 kickers,Nazi proofed, and a wood box with a .22 conversion with it same #'s.
              I was at every other gun swap after that,never found any thing close.


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                Buckshot, that is a fine looking rifle you built.

                What make of barrel and lock did you use?

                I have pretty much settled on Green Mountain barrels and L&R locks-I am left handed.


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                  One of these days I've got to get up to Sarco and get a 75mm barrel section so I can build a rifled Muzzleloading cannon...


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                    I like to build them from scratch or parts or just get a old one back in one
                    piece and shootable. I think that I have two left hand flint lock (locks)
                    parts that is to make them. I like them all.

                    Show us the entire gun.

                    This forum is the best place for anything.

                    Have fun
                    Be Safe


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                      I'll take a pic tonight.
                      Free software for calculating bolt circles and similar: Click Here


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                        Buckshot, beautiful rifle, was it from a kit?

                        Evan, I believe Hawken rifles and replica's are called plains rifles, but have been wrong before.