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J&L Endmill Sharpening Jig

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  • J&L Endmill Sharpening Jig

    ANYONE got one of these....J&L code IFX-35004B

    and what views do you have on it
    its for using with a surface grinder for sharpaning endmills.

    Additional Product Info

    No need to send tools for sharpening; this one unit can handle the complete sharpening needs of most shops. Sharpens saws, end mills - both single and double end, inserted blade cutters, plus much more. This unit can be set up on existing machines at much lower cost than a tool grinder and sharpener. Included in the price are all attachments, manufacturer's guarantee, and all accessories such as spindles, bushings, etc. Extra spindles and bushings are included for pre-setting tools if desired. The sharpening unit will accept cutters with diameters up to 12" and even larger with the use of “Riser Blocks.â€‌ Quickly set up, the unit can be mastered in minutes, and any
    inexperienced person can become an expert.

    all the best.mark

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    You can get away with a 5C spin indexer to do the same job but you will need to make your own stops and fingers up.

    If you modify a 5C indexer to take ER32 collets you can get a tool that holds from 2mm to 20mm or 3/32" to 3/4"+ with no gaps.
    Far better than a limited number of fixed size bushes.

    John S.

    Sir John , Earl of Bligeport & Sudspumpwater. MBE [ Motor Bike Engineer ] Nottingham England.


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      HI JOHN
      i dont have ER collets .but I have a full set of DA180 ones ..can it still be done with these .
      all the best..mark


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        The J&L and other import sharpeners lack the 1/4" bushing for some reason. A drill bushing can be used for that and other sizes not included.

        The 5C spindex can be modified to do most of what the Weldon type can do, but is limited in length. That is not a major problem for most HSM end mills. The spindex is easier to do the ends with, as it is shorter.
        Jim H.


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          I have one, paid 200 bucks for it and have never used it. Right after buying it,I made friends with a real T&C ginder, by hooking up his 3 phase equipment, so he does all my work gratis.
          the first 100 will take it.
          Green Bay, WI