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  • low speed clutch

    Anyone ever try to disable the cllutch on the import 9X20 lathes? Do you think it's a bad idea? This is turning into a pretty nice machine now that I have discovered this site and all the good ideas. Thanks agai ! Labrat.

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    It has been known for the 80T nylon gear to strip- hence the clutch.
    Unless you can get a No.1 Module gear cutter, a dividing head and a chunk of nylon- enter ****'* creek minus a paddle!
    Of course, with a stripped gear, you have to do it the Chinese way!
    Unless you are backed by some hefty other toys, don't fiddle. Enjoy it, despite alll the critics, I agree that it is quite a nice machine- with minor irritations.
    Mine is fitted with A Myford nose to take the goodies from my other lathe. Interesting, eh?

    Kind regards- from the other side of the pond.



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      I have a Jet 9 x 20 and, among other mods, did just that. Pulled that *&@##$% clutch apart, threw away the balls and springs and re-assembled it with the aid of my trusty TIG
      Haven't had a prob yet and, if I do, nylon gears aint that expensive. At least I can now use the (not very) low speed. Just pay attention to the sound of the motor. You'll know when it's overloaded. In the case of a tool/chuck collision, oh well, it happens. Even on the 'real' lathes.
      Rgds, Lin


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        My comments were guided by the fact that some British suppliers will not supply spares! I am delighted to learn that you would appear to be luckier in this respect.

        The last thing for someone who is new to machining is that they cannot get spares.

        As a bit of an aside, I have just converted mine to 3 phase with a converter and ptroil generator.

        I simply could't be arsed to put up with 130 rpm bottom speed.


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