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  • wal*mart

    Wal-Mart heir dies in plane crash

    (CNN) -- Wal-Mart heir John Walton died Monday when his ultralight aircraft crashed after taking off from an airport in Jackson, Wyoming, the company announced.

    I wonder what happened... ?


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    Plane fall down, go boom


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      Musta used parts from K-Mart... a.k.a Kame-Apart.



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        Blue Light Special!



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          This is the only photo I've seen of the wreckage:

          They said there would be no investigation, but a lot of experimental plane crashes show up here:

          It usually takes a couple days for a preliminary report and a year or so for the conclusion of the investigation, if there is one.

          One of the articles I read earlier mentioned that the wind was gusting to 16mph at the time of the crash. That seems like a lot for a tube and fabric ultralight. I thought most of the ultralight flyers did their flying in the morning or evening when the winds and turbelence were likely to be less.

          One of the news programs on TV this morning had a very quick video pan of the crash area. You could see some large passenger jets in the background, so the crash must have been very close to the runway. From the terrain and the wreckage, I'd say he was completely out of control when he hit. An engine out landing should have been survivable with little damage in that sort of terrain.

          I'd like to know what happened and what kind of plane it was.

          It's a real shame. It sounds like he was a decent fellow.


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            He's worth all that money and he is dinking around in a little ultra light...


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              Sheesh! All it woulda' taken was one of these...


              I, personally, wouldn't build a plane without one!


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                Some of the ultralights I have had a close look at I wouldn't trust under radio control. Very poor design, especially of things like attachment of control surfaces. Many ignore the most basic design rules for loading of hinge bolts placing them in bending instead of shear.
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                  For what it's worth, I found an article that suggests the plane John Walton was flying was a CGS Hawk. Here's a picture:

                  More info here:

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                    The plane itself looks like it would be very well mannered even at stall speeds. It looks like if he stalled it, the nose would dip, and regain air speed/lift.

                    By the sounds of his take off and immediate crash, I'm wondering if he lost his elevator control cable, or had a wing strut disconnect causing excessive wing warping and wasn't able to compensate with aileron.



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                      The following quote comes from rec.aviation.homebuilding:

                      “Just for the record and to stop speculation it was a CGS Hawk Arrow II. When I
                      sold the kit to John I had no idea who he was .Our dealer in W.VA helped him
                      build it and it was my impression he was going to N number it. He flew it home
                      to Jackson Hole WY from W Va about a month and a half ago. When I last talked to
                      him he was happy as a clam .It was set up for mountain flying ,it had tundra
                      tires, heavy duty tail wheel and big engine.He also had a set of floats for it.
                      He had a bad landing a few weeks ago and we sent him parts to repair the damage.
                      I don't know if this was the first flight after the repairs or not

                      None of us knew who he was, he acted like any number of guys I've met who
                      enjoyed to fly and talk airplanes. He said he was a corporate pilot and flew in
                      one time with a Citation to check in on his plane. That's all we know now and
                      anything else is a guess. I'm in contact with the NTSB and will offer any help
                      requested of me.

                      All we can do at this time is to pray for him and his family .The guy I knew
                      wasn't a rich and famous guy he was one of us. Rest in peace

                      Chuck Slusarczyk “

                      This plane is not considered an ultralite. It had two seats, therefore, it would be classified as an “Experimentalâ€‌



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                        Geez, it looks like the tail section is held on by a piece of sanitary drain pipe.


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                          The prices keep coming down and apparently so does the Walton planes.



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                            An old friend of mine used to be a commercial pilot.15years ago he built himself an ultralight for"a bit of fun".He reckoned he never frightened hinself as much as when he was flying that thing!He got rid of it,and was going to buy a "proper"aircraft,but nixed that idea when he found out the hangarage charges .
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                              Well that's what he gets for using screws from his own store...


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