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    i have a homebrew bead roller.. made it last year as a project but hasn't had much use because i only had one die set: 1/8" round bead.

    i've since made a few more dies (1/8" step, and a "tank roll" cause it looked neat)

    i'm having trouble keeping things straight, though. most of the stuff i'm rolling feature into isn't straight, so the backstop isn't particularly useful.

    but say i've got a 10" diameter round blank of thin sheet, and i wanna roll a "tank roll" edge all the way around (basically a 3/4" flare).. how the heck do i keep it from getting all waaaavvvvy?

    next set of dies will be a 3-set hem roller. looks pretty straight forward.. 90degrees, then 140degrees, then flat. Q: can i use this for putting in a wire?


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    I've got one of the cheap imports, I understand the wavy beads. For rounds, how about setting up an adjustable pivot point that you can spin the blank on. I've seen setups for cutting circles on bandsaws, seema like it ought to work on a roller.



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      Ah yes, the potato chip syndrome.

      If it's a true tank roll or what I call a fender roll, you need to stretch the flange and shrink the roll (sides). A better way to make your part is to think of a bowl. If you make the bowl by stretching the center first, you can tip a flange then stretch it in stages.

      You can use a hem set to do wiring but you'll need to let up on the sharp angle. To do a wired edge, you need a soft turn. The hem dies are made to put a sharp angle in the turn. The wire is round.