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    I don't see a runout groove. Congratulations. Are you able to withdraw on the same thread every time at 770 RPM? If so, how do you do it?? That's dang fast! That's only 78 milliseconds per revolution. My reflexes aren't that good. If I did it, I'd be afraid and therefore consistently undershoot the end and withdraw too soon. Then I'd decide to hit the mark on the next cut, and bust the tip off the tool because I plowed into too much meat left near the pullout point.


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      Perhaps he had a turned down section after the threaded section for clearance? I dunno it's a good question rklopp! one i'd like to know aswell! The video was very helpful ringer as i have yet to see threading done with a carbide insert! Thank you!

      I also have a question for how to calculate your DOC (the equation used) on the compound rest for any type of thread?

      Also i realize it is BETTER to run faster with a carbide insert... but can it still be run slow if the operator is new to cutting? If so how slow before it's too slow?

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        Well I had a bit turned down to even it out but quick reflexes are the way to go....For coarser threads I go slower...I did a 7/8 9 recently and I did it at 500rpm.... Also since it is machined dry you get an unobstructed view of the cutting process....Another thing I have failed to mention so far is that if you are threading and someone comes along, politely tell them to f$%k off as getting distracted is the worse thing that can happen with a critical process as this is..

        Not sure how slow is too slow for carbide I am under the understanding that carbide does not cut as such but tears the metal away and at slower speeds finish is not good...

        Of course the biggest trouble with carbide is that these inserts do a range of threads so only 1 thread pitch is going to turn out with a correct profile all the others will have an incorrect radius in the thread root..These tips I am using will do from 8 to 40 tpi..

        You would be able to get inserts that do each pitch thread to the correct profile but at $10 each it might get a bit expensive.
        Precision takes time.


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          Ringer, I applaud the video and spirit in which it is made - its always nice to see people willing to help others like this - great contribution.
          in Toronto Ontario - where are you?


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            Could the gentleman who contacted me about hosting that vid contact me again please...I have had a HDD failure and lost the email address and the link to the web site..I thought it was or something sounding like that....
            Precision takes time.