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The downside to shop re-organization

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  • The downside to shop re-organization

    I can't find a darn thing anymore....

    Moved some the roll-away toolboxes to slightly different locals in the shop, moved some stuff from the white cabinet to the black cabinet, moved some tools to different locals in the roll-away toolboxes etc. All in the name of being more efficient, more logical groupings, less time to find stuff etc...

    Has not worked so well yet. My memory habits are well ingrained after many years of the old layout.

    Used to be I took two steps to the right when working on a project on the main bench - reached down, pulled open a drawer, grabbed the small ballpean hammer and was in business. I couldn't tell you which roll-away it was in, couldn't tell you which drawer it was in, but I could find it automatically without looking each time.

    Now when I do that routine I come up with a hacksaw in my hand...

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    Just get a heavier hacksaw



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      I am facing this very situation, get everything boxed up and labeled and I will not be able to find anything for about a year or two.


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        When I was a bachelor I was working as a pro chef, had my kitchen organized like you describe, I could find my french knife in the dark and without getting cut. Then I get married and the wife decides to reorganize the kitchen, now I can't find anything. Maybe I'm a bit of a brat but now when I cook I take out all the tools I may need and place them next to the prep area or stove and leave them there, she complains and I tell her if she knew how to organize a kitchen I would have to move things around. Example, the tongs and spatulas belong in the drawer next to the stove, not on the other side of the kitchen at the bottom of a drawer.

        On the plus side we've hired a new guy at work to take some of the burden off of me so I can concentrate on sales. He organized the machine shop perfectly, leaving everything where I left it and just straighting up. He did organize all the hardware, nuts and bolts really well though.

        -Christian D. Sokolowski


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          Christian, many women seem to "play house". That's why some of them don't mind walking over to the other side of the kitchen to use something needed elsewhere. If they put it where it was normally used it would seriously increase the "workflow" and ruin the game of "playing house" ! Paranormalpsychology!

          Thinking on putting our frig on larger casters. Make it more mobile. Something good on TV, I want it right next to the recliner along with a place to keep the empties! Maybe hang Evan's phone number on the frig for order out. Sounds like he may be roughing it in style.

          Recently bought 24 freezer tupperwear type containers to help organized. Got them all lined up along the eaves inside the barn and makes it pretty easy to locate hardware.

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            Years ago, I designed a remodel for a friend's house. It was a Tudor style originally built in 1927. As part of the makeover, I combined the stairs going to the attic bedrooms with the stairs going to the basement, and moved them both to a more central location in the house. The door to the basement stairs had originally been in the corner of the small kitchen. The kitchen also got major changes, including locating the refrigerator where the door to the stairs had previously been.

            My friend reported that for years, he would start for the basement, and would wind up staring at the open refrigerator, trying to remember what it was he opened it to get.

            We put in a new kitchen sink 2 months ago. Part of the program was to switch the garbage disposal to the other side of where it had been, which meant the waste basket had to be switched also. I'm still trying to get the hang of that one.
            Lynn S.


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              Well, at least I wasn't completely stupid about this... I did not move the desk, chair, tv, stereo, refer w/ beer, toilet, or sink.....