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  • Ford tractor hydraulics

    Has anyone with and earlier ford farm tractor tried to rework that blank plate under the seat to get it to give remote hydraulics? My machine is a 1953 Ford NAA but most of them up to the sixties were the same. I did buy a replacement cover with remote hydraulics years back. But now the price is through the roof for this one that I just finished restoring. I was hoping to put a small plow on the front this winter.

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    I got a Ford Super Major from that era that didn't have remotes.On mine the draft control was screwed up anyway,so I ditched the control valve and made a steel blank to replace it.All I did was take the old valve off and turn the engine over which told me which port was the pressure port from the pump.The port that feeds the lift cylinder I found with an air hose,just put pressure to them with a blowgun until I saw the lift arms come up.The final port was the return to the case.After that I fitted a two spool opencenter control vlave with a power beyond port for later expansion.With the exception of not having draft control it is actually a better system than the factory setup.This way I have control of the three point and the remote outlet without having to switch back and forth between the two.

    You could probably do the same detective work I did and modify your control block to give you a remote setup with a seperate hand valve.If you like I can post a pic or two.
    I just need one more tool,just one!


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      These guys can tell you everything you want to know.


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        Put a pump on the front like every one else.

        It's only a ford tractor,It's not like it's a John Deere.



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          Wierd. Sounds just like what I want to do. I think that unit under your seat is exactly the same one I have. I realy don't need the draft control either. Photos would be great.That blank plate has to be good for somthing. And by the way IOWOLF, some people have no pride and will drive anything. Even somthing that is the same color as a squashed bug, green and yellow.


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            Here's the rats nest

            I just need one more tool,just one!


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              Squashed bug? OK, lets pull.My little JD 790, and your ford naa. same class I think.

              And they say I dont have a sence of humor,that was funny.


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                I have one of each. A Ford 1100, and a JD 2555. I had to pull the JD out with the Ford yesterday, when I got it stuck, for the 20th time.
                (Both have Turfsaver tires,which is why I keep getting the JD stuck, but the Ford is 4wd) However the Ford is 13HP, compared to 70 plus of the JD)
                Both are good tractors, especially the Ford, as I have owned and abused it for quite a few years now. I just hope the JD gives me half the service that I have gotten from the Ford. Prices paid were almost identical, so Ford owners must appreciate their tractors more per horsepower than JD owners.
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                  Wierd: My unit under the seat I am going to presume was about the same as yours in the form of a blank plate. From that plate you made the new plate. I can see were the first two lines enter the valve body but were is that third line going?
                  IOWOLF: Your safe and you probably know it. I'm too far away to accept your chalange. Many a pretty little girls machine has fallen to an old workhorse Ford.


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                    Gunsmith, the pic I am looking at shows all three. One in each end of valvebody, the other on top. James