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what projects are you working on ?

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  • what projects are you working on ?

    Just wondering what kinds of projrcts people are working on? Engines, steam/gas/hot air/H2o. What success have people had? Post any pictures would be cool. Pictures of shops and Ideas?

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    Lot of linear motion control stuff. Mostly repairs and modifications, but I have been collecting all the parts to build myself a project that involves precision rotary motion control.



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      Just Finished this:

      The blade is made from S7 tool steel. The frame it Titanium with a liner lock. Bronze bolsters and thumb stud. The Scales are Desert ironwood.

      Otherwise...some cold fusion stuff...

      Whatta think?


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        Weston Bye - Author, The Mechatronist column, Digital Machinist magazine
        ~Practitioner of the Electromechanical Arts~


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          I figure everything between now and death is Gravey - pass the smashed taters!

          When other things do not get in the way I work on the Stuart #7 (have to do a nice job of it). Other than that, I just have to work around the other things that throw their ugly heads back day to day.

          What is that, a toothpick? Nice.

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            Nice work. How long is the handle / blade? How long did it take you to make?

            Always wanted to try smithing my own blades..


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              Yeah, nice work Rob, now how did you post that picture in there??


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                Hey...thanks for the kind words guys!

                GrannyG....when closed, it is 3.5" and just spans the width of my palm. When open the OAL is 6". I made it over the long labor day weekend.

                Tel, The board has special commands for posting pics and links. When you post a message, look to the left side of the window where you type in your text and click on the link that says "*UBB Code is ON" ...this open a new screen with the details for posting links and images.

                or try this:


                Most online boards use the same once you figure it out it is very similiar if not the same on other discussion boards.

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                  That is really neat! What Ti did you use 6Al 4Va?? (commonly called 614 over in the UK, I believe this is the similar coding in the US) The wood work is really nice too ~ my boating buddy wants to know if 'Desert Ironwood' is similar to 'Lignum Vitae'??



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                    What projects? Just finished up helping "proving" prints and castings for a 1/4" scale H/M engine. 7/8"bore, 1 3/4" stroke, 4 1/2" fly wheels. Unusual in that it is air cooled but does not have a fan. The inventor got a patent for putting a port at BDC (in addition to the regular exhaust valve)so that most of the exhaust went out the bottom. In addition, every time it "misses" it just pumps cool air through the cylinder.
                    Other project is to someday get CNC on a lathe. How about you guys going back to the question on CNC software?


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                      If you friend wants a Lignum Vitae I know where there is a log for a mere $7,000 Canadian. It would make one hell of a hammer!


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                        nice job on the knife, presently working on keeping rust from the tools.......we moved 1 month ago and I must rip up the floor in the pool house, removing the jacuzzi to another deck, and pouring a concrete floor. Then a garage door, etc. As a younger man I enjoyed being in the car on a clear night. Now I am still under the stars, alone (wife inside) and "in" the cars/truck. But the house was well worth the minor agravation of converting one building so we can have a shop. All I need now is money, there must be some around here, the boxes aren't all unpacked.


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                          <font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by John Foster:
                          How about you guys going back to the question on CNC software?</font>
                          What specific did you have in mind John??

                          John S.


                          Sir John , Earl of Bligeport & Sudspumpwater. MBE [ Motor Bike Engineer ] Nottingham England.


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                            To JohnStevenson. CNC software, under Third Hand, bobbev2 asked about CNC software, got a couple of answers and then it died. Ther were several suggestions and comments made but I would like more information as I know squat about it. Linux and DOS programs were mentioned, would like to know what works in DOS specificlly. Thanks, John


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                              I have this Anilam S1400 control on an Eagle KM750 mill that has gone to hell on the X axis feedbacks, lag, and overshoot. My project has been to try to fix this POS so I may work on my main project - which was 90% completed, which is a 9 x 19 3-D surfaced RC boat hull.

                              Freaking electronics........
                              CCBW, MAH