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Way, way OT - How to quickly check mulitple Lotto tickets?

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  • Way, way OT - How to quickly check mulitple Lotto tickets?

    We have a group at work that forms a pool to play when the lotto gets fairly high. (Yes, I know the odds of winning are miniscule).
    We'll run copies of the tickets (150+) so whomever wants to check the numbers can do so. Is there a way to speed up the checking of the tickets? Maybe a CueCat hack, maybe scanning the copy of the tickets and searching for the numbers with CTRL-F, or maybe OCR software?

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    Aren't the numbers on the tickets rendered in bar code?
    I just need one more tool,just one!


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      Yes, and that is why I am thinking that it might be possible to modify a CueCat (remember those from Digital Convergence?)to help out. But I haven't been able to come up with anything yet.

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        Two ways I can think of

        Use a spreadsheet. Simply enter the winning numbers in a row up top, then have a row for each set of numbers. Put in an empty column, then the next colum has a function to count the number of cells in the row match the winning numbers.

        Or (and this is the preferred and faster way)
        Make xerox copies of the tickets, three per sheet and usually six number sets per ticket. Scan each number set and draw a blue or a green line through the ones that don't match at least three numbers (or whatever is the lowest winning combination). Then go back and compare the ones that don't have lines.

        Final method:
        Copy onto paper. For each number in the winning set, scan the ticket copies and circle each one that appears. When finished, look at sets with many numbers.

        The downfall to doing anything computerwise for matching is getting the numbers into the computer, then formatting them. It's usually faster to do it by hand.

        Ever known someone to program a CNC machine to make a single part that they will never need another copy of? It usually takes less time to make it on a manual machine than to code, much less debug.

        At a certain point in the course of any project, it comes time to shoot the engineers and build the damn thing.


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          The Hackers Quartly had an article back in 2001 on using the Cuecat for scanning barcodes. I am still looking for my copy which is around the house here somewhere. Here is a link to the mag, but they would like you to make a purchase.

          I use scanners at work. Most of the ones we have can be programmed to scan the code and then send other information like a carriage return or tab. This allows one to scane multiple codes in order and have the computer tab to the next field.

          Kdahm has a good thought. Put the winning numbers in a cell. Next, get your cuecat fired up and use a spreadsheet program to put individual numbers into cells, and each set of numbers on a different line, or something similar. Then (if your using xl) use the compare statement to highlight or change the look of the cell.

          It will take you a little logic and programming in xl, but I can see it working.
          Good luck - rock
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