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  • Hydraulic experts?

    I am going to update my newly built press to electric controls. I am not sure which control valve to use. David I lost the e-mail where you had given me which valve to get from NT. I just finished bending my first 20 parts and the press worked great the only problem is repeatability the mechanical stops are working but not great. I have been looking on ebay for some valves but I am not sure what kind I need. The valves all come with a schematic diagram which I am not sure how to read. Can someone tell me what they mean by open center or closed center? The valve I am using now is a log splitter valve I like the way it works it auto centers and detents in the up position and then kicks itself to center when fully retracted. Is this an open center or closed center valve? My pump is a gear type pump single stage. Is it possible to get an electric solenoid type valve that would do the same? My plan is to use a foot switch and 2 limit switches set for the 2 different bends that I make I am thinking I could put in some toggle switches to switch back and forth from the different limit switches. I will post some of the diagrams that I see on the valves can someone help me decipher what the diagrams mean and maybe which type I need? I also don’t understand what they mean by 3 spool, 4 spool or 5 spool. My thinking is the valve I have now is open centered in that the pump keeps running and the oil circulates through the valve when in center position but I am not sure that is what is meant. I am also not sure how much current it takes to operate the electric valve I want to make sure I get the right limit switches and foot switch.
    Thanks in advance for input on this Mike.