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  • Automated Coolant Applicator

    Have built Glenn Wilson's automated coolant applicator per PIM article, but have not gotten the results I hoped for. Cannot get it to eject enough fluid to do any useful cooling. The piston, cylinder and return spring are all per spec. The electronics are per latest addendum (BTW, do not substitute another MOSFET power transistor - the one specified is an ultra-low series resistance unit. Run-of-the-mill MOSFETs will not work.) The solenoid gives a healthy "click" when activated.

    I think the problem is in the jet check valve. Despite hours of fiddling, I can't find any useful middle ground between the valve not opening and not closing. Has anyone built one of these and gotten good results? Does it put out enough coolant for heavy cuts? (Heavy for me is more than .050" DOC for 1/2" cutter on steel.) Suggestions?