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  • OT...shreaders??

    I'm shopping for a decent inexpensive document shreader. (Is that an oxymoron?)

    What models are people using, and are they any good?

    Mike P
    Mike P
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    We went through a couple of the really cheap ones before buying a Royal 12x cross cut. It has been going strong for several years. This is the newer version of our unit ROYAL 15MX

    No connection with Royal or this e-bay seller.

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      Do you have a fireplace? ...if not, then a box of matches will work.

      Or, if you're into the 'nature thing', start a worm bed.

      My wife thought that'd be a good Xmas gift for me last year. She bought one at Office Depot (or maybe it was Staples), for about $25. I've used it one time, just to see how it works. Does fine for 2 or 3 sheets at a time, but I'd hate to have to shred a sizeable document with it.
      Lynn (Huntsville, AL)


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        And here I thought this might be about chipper/shredders. You know the old Conneticut Divorce Special. As to document shredders the strip cut type is far cheaper while the confetti type is far more secure. Went through one of the cheap ones and after about a year the gearing striped on the shafts. Not worth the trouble to tear it apart and fix. Current ly using a Tech Solutions TS 1600. Does alright for me but I don't shred that much anyway. But if it is for a business application buy the best you can afford and be done with it. Sometimes it doesn't pay to be cheap. Just my $.02
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          I do have a shredder, though I do not recall what make/model. For the most part, I burn ANYTHING with any information on it, wether I shred it or not. A former co-worker staretd me on the "burn it" idea. He used to just toss out his "junk mail". That was until he started getting bills for credit cards, that he tossed as "junk mail". Since then he told me he burns everything that has ANY information about him on it he no longer needs/wants.
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            We have a cross-cut shredder at home that came from Costco (Price club). It works fine, but when my wife finally burns it up, I want one that will do credit cards and cdroms. Some day, I hope there will be a better way to destroy prescription bottles, too.

            OTOH, I had a coworker that used to have the job of putting the encryption keys into the radios of F-16s before they flew missions. He got them on little strips of paper. Once the codes were entered, they put the strips of paper in a blender with a little water. Try to glue one of those back together.



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              you guys sound so paranoid. maybe I'm just lazy?

              This thread will self destruct in 5 seconds





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                I just get our doctor to write out any of my personal stuff, that way no one can read it.

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                  how about an old fashioned hand crank type m
                  eat grinder connected to a cordless drill works rell well for stray cats pissn in the wifes garden
                  TOOL PIG