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  • NOOOOOO!!!! (OT)

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    wow... I would just cry if that was my car... any of them.

    that was an equal opportunity crash. Just about one of every classic you'd want at home.

    What caused it?


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      If you can't afford to crash 'em, you can't afford to race 'em.

      Doc's Machine. (Probably not what you expect.)


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        I hope nobody was hurt badly.


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          if you have the money to buy corbras and vettes and race them you have the money to fix them.


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            Too bad this had to happen at Road America. Overall the track has had a pretty good safety record over the years. IIRC the only fatality at RA was Jerry Titus in a Trans Am or Can Am race in the early '70s. Used to crew for a guy in SCCA Sports 2000 and Formula Atlantic and it was always a trip to watch the pack trying to jockey for position coming downhill into turn 5 going from the fastest to the slowest part of the course.
            Forty plus years and I still have ten toes, ten fingers and both eyes. I must be doing something right.


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              One injury, a broken arm, not compound.
              A lot of very lucky (and quite a few stupid) drivers. They all got their asses chewed good immediatley afterward in the driver's meeting.
              Both of the Cobras were originals, one an original race Cobra worth over $1 Million.
              Reportedly several fistfights broke out as soon as the drivers (who could) jumped out of their cars.


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                A lot of money in repairs to be sure but I think the dicussion answered a lot of the questions. Yes. some drivers are very experienced but there also are alot of clowns who buy cars like this and think they are experts. I see this type of behavior at vintage motorcycle races.
                People also forget what these cars are, My 67 camaro SS has the best brakes,tires and suspension money can buy (and still keep it in stock form) but it is still a 67 and at 130 mph you can barely hold it on the road a smaller person would have even more trouble. It's a great sport but very dangerous and you have to constantly be aware of what is go on.
                Non, je ne regrette rien.


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                  One man built it,another man can build another one.Long as no one was killed all is well.

                  Reminds me of a friend who demolished an R model Mack,a 40ton lowboy and flipped a Cat D-6 dozer upside down in a creek avoiding a school bus full of kids that pulled out in front of him.

                  He thought the boss was gonna fire him and asked why not when he didn't get fired.
                  His boss told him"Son,thank God daily that niether you nor none of the kids got killed" "That equipment don't mean nothing,they are building new ones even as we speak"

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