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Room for just one more shaper, OK

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  • Room for just one more shaper, OK

    Well, I came across another Viceroy Royal 250. It is constructed a bit lighter than the Douglas but has not done a lot of work and is in excellent condition with all the factory scrapping? marks. Four speed via the two step pulley and the gearbox; a very nice "Taylor" clutch. The only problem is the bullgear shaft and flange had parted company then been brazed back cockeyed with the consequential cracking and seperation.It came from a college a few miles from home. I am in the process of modifying a Holden rear axle to carry the bullgear and I can tell you that it is bloody tough ( tested at 65 ton tensile, rockwell ?? by the local engineering shop )I figured that the axle should be tough and ductile enough for the purpose and also it was free.
    Here is a shot of it, I`ll post some others later.
    There is a small mention of the Viceroy shaper on the Lathe site but not much else. It would appear that they were produced for the education market. Does anyone have info on the Viceroy Royal 250?? Thanks yorl.
    cheers, Ken