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paint ball guns or "markers"

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  • paint ball guns or "markers"

    I was at the grocery store and saw a paint ball mag.

    I noticed some guns shoot up to 30 balls per second and can cost up to 1500.00

    My question is what is the max distance a paint gun can shoot?

    Is there such a thing a long gun?

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    I have a cheap semi auto spyder, and a friend had one of those 2000$ guns that shot with nitro. Paintballs lobbed the same out of each one. His was just able to shoot faster. I think theres more marketing than performance in those expensive guns.
    Ever watch paintball on ESPN2? IT is who ever can throw more paint faster, wins. Pretty lame, airsoft has a more realistic flavor to it.

    To get range on paintballs and accuracy, your dealing with the flight dynamics of a round ball that wobbles. Seams the paintball itself is the limiting factor.


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      That was my thought too.

      But about how far does one shoot with some accuracy? 50 yards??


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        If you want range get a pump or an auto-cocker. I have a Phantom pump wich is what the pro teams used to use, maybe still do. 50 yards sounds about right for it. Pumps seem to shoot farther and my Phantom was way more accurate than the Automag I had. Nothing pisses off a guy who has one of those spray and pray guns like the Angel more, than to be taken out by a pump with one shot.


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          Real quick like: 30 bps is bunk. Some guns can be made to cycle in the high 20s to low 30s, but it's rather difficult to get paint fed that fast.

          The average player with an electronic marker can do between 12 and 16 shots per second reliably. With electronic cheater modes that "ramp" fire signals or use switch noise, they can get into the low 20s, but again, feeding becomes a problem.

          The average out-of-the-box "agitated" loader (the hopper that holds balls at the top of the gun) can feed relibaly to 12/sec. Force-fed loaders can reliably do 16 to 20, a little more if carefully set and with upgraded software.

          Yes, even the loaders use software.

          Most markers use compressed air, or HPA (high pressure air). Some people call it "nitro" because it used to be that the only place a player could get HP air was to buy bottled nitrogen. Today most fields have HP "scuba" type compressors, and the on-gun tanks hold between 3K and 4500 psi. Standard size is about 68 cubic inches, which at 4500 gives between 1200 and 1800 shots per fill depending on the gun.

          The range of the gun is limited by the industry standard playing velocities, which are usually between 250 and 300 fps. Goggles are rated for 300 fps, and most players notice a reduction in accuracy when you try to push the ball much faster.

          The ball weighs just over three grams, and at 285 fps will travel, at maximum angle, perhaps 200 feet on a calm day. However, fired at a more normal angle, 140+ feet is about a max usable range, though accuracy by that point is "minute of barn door" and it's less likely the ball will break that far out.

          100 to 120 feet is about the max normal range for accuracy and reliable breakage.

          At 80 to 100 feet, you can reliably hit a trash can lid. When conditions are just right and it's fresh paint, you might be able to keep it on a coffee can lid.

          And lastly, "realism" has nothing to do with it. If you want camoflage, face paint and milsim guns, there's groups that play that way and fairly realistic markers to use. The larger fraction, however, plays a less "warlike" version- much like modern football is rather removed from the Roman colliseum combat. Tournaments use inflatable, portable bunkers and netted fields so spectators can watch.

          Roughly ten million people played in 2004, and it's a $7 billion a year business.

          Doc's Machine. (Probably not what you expect.)


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            The type of gun has absolutely nothing to do with range. If the ball leaves the barrel at 285 feet per second at X angle, it will travel just as far no matter whether you have an Autococker, a Phantom, an electronic $1,700 DM5 or a $19.95 "Blade" from Wal-Mart.

            These days no "pro" team uses pumps, with the exception of a rare few "stock class" teams, but the events for those are few and far between.

            Almost every professional team (yes, we have pro teams that do nothing but play ball all year) uses high end electronic semiauto markers on HPA.

            Fifty yards is 150 feet and about the max effective range. The ball will go further, but not accurately, not can you be sure it's going to break. Click here for a video I made, demonstrating a modified electro. The first half is semiauto, but using a "cheat" mode called "turbo"- two pulls of the trigger generates three shots- the second half is actual full auto.

            Distance to the board is probably 50 feet.

            Doc's Machine. (Probably not what you expect.)


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              Thats what I meant...the rock and cock guns. You would be stupid to use a pump in a speedball game.


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                Thank you for the detailed answer!


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                  <font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Furnace:
                  Thats what I meant...the rock and cock guns. You would be stupid to use a pump in a speedball game.</font>
                  You haven't played with some of the people I've played with. Doc can for sure back me up on this. Advisable? Probably not. Stupid? Not necessarily. Paintballs are much cheaper than real bullets, but then again you go through them like a madman with one of those big ole guns. Think approximately $60 per case of 2000 rounds, cheaper for crummy paintballs, which is just that- crummy paintballs, in which case you'd be lucky to make it out of the barrel. Many teams with such fast guns will go through insane amounts of paint per day, with some of them going through probably 5 or 6 cases.
                  You never learn anything by doing it right.


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                    if only you could load your own!



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                      "The type of gun has absolutely nothing to do with range. If the ball leaves the barrel at 285 feet per second at X angle, it will travel just as far no matter whether you have an Autococker, a Phantom, an electronic $1,700 DM5 or a $19.95 "Blade" from Wal-Mart."

                      These folks have a problem with that statement:

                      I don't claim to know much about paintball. Only what I pick up by accident at my cousions shop:

                      The manufacturers are very clever to get away from the "gun" word. Very astute.



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                        If you ever do play a speedball game with a pump, let me know. Ill drive the 4.5 hours to Nashville to watch it. While Im there Ill stop by the Outdoors World. Man i love that place.


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                          <font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by meho:

                          These folks have a problem with that statement:
                          the flatline is an exception to the rule. it imparts backspin on the ball, which means the conditions are not the same.

                          accuracy also suffers and shots (usually) hook down, but the physics of paintball is screwy due to the fact that it's a non-perfect sphere (seams suck) filled half way (no balance) with a viscous liquid.

                          listen to doc, though. he is a paintball genius.


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                            Back in the day, I could make hand shots at 50 paces/yards with a home/self built P/B gun with a modified barrel.

                            One shot,one kill. I could play all day with 200 balls or less, and rarely get taken out.


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                              Hmmm... These guys claim 31 balls per second. Not legal velocity I'm sure.

                              Free software for calculating bolt circles and similar: Click Here