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Anyone restore and/or collect small antique engines?

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    Hey lathe dog! (Russ H., right?)

    I didn't see you in Waukee this weekend. Did you have any of your model engines on display?

    I saw Ron C., Dan C., and John F.

    Did you start out by fixing up old engines before you began making model engines?

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      Hi Dan,
      You got it. First Engine was an Maytag, then an brigg's model y then on to the hit & miss engines. Then I got some wise advise from a friend who build's models, never build or own an engine that is more than your wife can carry. Just kidding I like all of them.
      I didn't make it to Waukee because I had to work.


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        I have a small collection of hit and miss type engines and also collect old tractors which I hope to restore in my retirement.



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          .......My grandfather and parents had citrus groves in So. Calif. One of my first 'engine' type recollections was my grandfather starting the engine on his spray rig. I don't know what it would have been worth now. Some a hole stole the engine. I was wanting it when my dad quit farming and sold the groves.

          I doubt in the world of small air cooled gas engines that it would have been very exciting to an experienced collector. It was a 3 hp Montgomery Ward vertical. All cast iron with a magneto and a Tillotson updraft carb (cast iron) and a small oil bath air cleaner. On the side of the air deflector was the throttle lever. It had a pointer indicating HP and rpms. It topped out at 1200 rpms and 3hp. Started via a rope wrapped on a spool off the flywheel.

          It ran an agitator paddle shaft that ran through the 10' long tank, plus the spray pump. I remember asking my grandfather how come it was so big compared to the 16hp engine on the lawn tractor and it was only 3hp? He said because they rated them different in the old days. Anyway I thought it was a really neat old gas engine, and makes me mad all over again at the scumbag who stole it.

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            I do basketcase Onans from the '40s up.I guess they aren't considered antiques though.I do have two of the first AL blocks/cast iron sleeved that Onan produced.Still I don't really consider them antique and would put them to work in a flash.


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              I have a few onans, because I specialize and collect engines made in Minnesota. I have about 50 engines that are from Minnesota, everything from inboard marine engines, outboards, farm, railroad, generators, model airplane, snowmobile, ultralites, jetski, tractor, motorcycle, reefer etc made in Minnesota. I am always looking for more, and information. I have a few onans, a few onan generator sets, and a few fairbank-morse air cooled engines made by onan. I also have a couple of thermo king diesel reefer engines made by onan. I have been on the lookout for early onan air cooled diesels, and the little onan generators from the 30's. but the only ones I found where too far away to ship. Now I wish I would have picked them up.