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2 Speed rear axle?

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  • 2 Speed rear axle?

    How does it work?

    Links to how it works?

    Please and thank you.

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    Two-speed axle on what? The option has been around on cars since about 1920. My old "Kenbota" tractor has a two-speed axle.

    Most of the newer (low torque) versions use a planitary gear setup. The heavy duty versions use gear changers.


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      SORRY, like on a truck. Jrouch has the right idea but I ned better pics or more description on the works. Thanx again.


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        Here's what I could find. This is for the heavy trucks.

        The Description and Operation as well the Gearing and Torque Distribution sections explain some of how it works. ASApp/cs/BlobServer?blobcol=urldata&blobheader=application% 2Fpdf&blobkey=id&blobtable=MungoBlobs&blobwhere=10 82229742685


        Forgot to mention this is a huge PDF file, it might take a little for it to download.

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          Interesting animations of planetary gear drives, shifting stuff, etc. Scroll down to the section just past worm gears.

          You never learn anything by doing it right.


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            Also which type? Air,vaccum or electric acctuated?

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            I just need one more tool,just one!


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              Most times, they are not a higher gear. Just a granny type gearing to add power not speed.

              I hunted one for the bus we had. Hunted high and low. The bus had 7.20:1 gears in it. Most the 2 speed rears I found were 6.5:1 or so. My memory is dim this morning, you can look up past posts to see, I cried like a kid.

              Bus was dangerous to drive on the interstate, it had a v8gas then got converted to a diesel. It'd do 51 or 52mph flat on the floor. You could watch the mirror of the faces of the truck drivers parked on the rear porch of that thing. They were not happy.

              It went from a bus that had been all over the united states to one that is a "love shack" for the present owner.

              On the other hand, the bus the guy put the gas burner into? it had a 4.70 gear and would do 100+. (tall tires.. each .5 inch subtracted a half ratio on race car) Tall slicks typically need a really high ratio, if it spins put a taller slick on it.

              Them rear ends freeze up just like any other thing on a truck. You can't dissasemble them for the rust/dirt/goop. Make sure the one you snatch will shift and they warranty it. Typically a 5 ton rear axle sells for $2500. (more than the bus was worth)



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                I WAS THINKING About a 2 speed r/e for a golf cart,since they are all either too high or too low geared.

                Any ideas?


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                  We got a half dozen of the Krusher 6 speed harley transmissions. 6th is overdrive, plus you can gear the front end anyway you want it. Then ya can really put a harley emblem on that amf cart.

                  I just got in the controls that make that puppy humm.. some 500 amp Hbridges.



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                    Well I found a rear end for a Yamaha golf cart.
                    They want $700- it's not the 2-speed type that you are looking for.

                    Are you "building" a golf cart? The axle from that site looks like its some sort of Transaxle assembly and it looks to be of substantial size.

                    Maybe get an axle from an old Jeep or Toyota to cut down to the right width and attach a 2-speed transfer case to it.

                    Then quite possibly you could ultimately make it 4 wheel drive.


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                      David, no offence but I wouldn't own a harley anything unless it was the very first one. then i'd sell it.

                      Ez go is good enough for me, and I fix them up sometimes put lift kits in them and sell 'em.

                      they already make 4 wd golf carts.really.


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                        <font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by IOWOLF:

                        they already make 4 wd golf carts.really.

                        REALLY!!!!?? You got any info on them.


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                          I saw a real neat application of a harley 45 transmission. It worked a very tall roll up door.

                          Neutral would make it come rattling down, then I found out it had a reverse and was a 3 speed.

                          Yeah, putting a $800 harley transmission on a golf cart would be like adding in a diamond to the swine feed. Or was that pearls before the swine?

                          I wonder why more hydrostat transmissions are not used. Recognize that when you push in reverse (golf cart), the timing shifts and the motor runs in the opposite direction. That lil tidbit took a whole day to sink in. The transmission does not have a reverse.



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                            Find an old Harley three speed tranny and run it backwards, power to the output shaft, drive from the input shaft. That'll give you direct and two overdrives.
                            THAT OLD GANG 'O MINE