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Sorta OT: Turbine Powered Charger

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  • Sorta OT: Turbine Powered Charger

    A guy in Sweden is building a Dodge charger that he's shoehorning a turbine into! You can see pics of the work in progress here. It also appears that he's building some kind of boat, which I'm guessing will have a turbine as well.

    Wonder what kind of shamefully low gas mileage he's going to get with the things?

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    That reminds me of the turbine-powered Chryslers that were built back in the mid-'60s? I remember seeing one several times in Atlanta. More here:


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        Funny you should mention that. I found the link on a board visted by the guy who runs the best site on the turbine powered Chryslers of the 60s (he's even got copies of the service manuals on his site!).


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          I watched a show about Jay leno and his toys, he's got a turbine powered motorcycle. I think he remarked that it wasn't that impressive in the acceleration department.

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            True Jay said it wasn't that quick off of the line but he also said the faster it was going the faster it wanted to go. Also trottle lag on both acceleration and deceleration was aproblem. I still wonder if a small single speed turbine teamed into a hybrid drive system could be packaged reasonably. Build the vehicle with what is primarily an electric drive and use the turbine to supply the power at highway speeds and charge the batteries. The ability to use different fuels should make it more attractive. As an aside I do remember a street rod that Coors sponsored in the 80s or 90s that featured a turbine engine in a 32 Ford Highboy. Also the Southern California Timing Association (?) changed the rules at Bonneville a few years ago to exclude turbine powered cars from wheel driven LSRs. When I heard that my basic reaction was WTF
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