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What's the policy on selling items on this board?

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    <font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by RD51:
    Unless it has created problems here before I don't see the harm in it.I've bought several item s from the PM site and several from Michael AZ,through the PM site and I find it a pleasure to deal with these folks but policy is policy so I'll stick to the rules,even though I haven't read them all the way through.</font>
    By way of possible explanation (I am in no way associated with the management of the board), this board is sponsored (paid for by) the good folks at Village Press, the publishers of the two magazines who's titles you see at the top of many pages on this site. Those magazines make their money, at least in part, via advertising in them. Free ads here would tend to compete with that revenue so it is perfectly understandable that they would not want that. It may also be that they just want to be nice and provide a site that is completely free of any commercial messages.

    I for one greatly appreciate and enjoy this board and so I do nothing contrary to their wishes. I also appreciate the fact that they do not use the board for commercial ads. They could easily do that and it would be quite annoying, like the boards on Yahoo that subject you to an ad every few screens or so. (And yes, I do know how to avoid them there.)

    Frankly, I also sell things on the web. But I do not mention any of them or my web site here. I like this board the way it is.

    As Michael said, the Practical Machinist board and others do have sections for buying and selling. I like them also and would suggest that you use them for any sales you have in mind.

    Paul A.
    Paul A.
    SE Texas

    And if you look REAL close at an analog signal,
    You will find that it has discrete steps.


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      There's a lot of "free for shipping", "free to good home" or "who needs this" offers here. There's a lot of behind the scenes offers too. But I don't think anyone here likes to see offers to sell on the forum. It would turn this forum into "another sleaze forum".

      So, just pack 'em up and send them me--I'll take good care of them.


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        <font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by jero100:
        Hypothetical situation:
        A member of this board has an item for sale on ebay.That member posts a link to the item on this board titled "good deal on ebay".
        What's the difference in that and posting the item here?
        I also sell on E-Bay. I do not post any notices here. I make no judgements or comments about those who do.

        I do believe that commercial interest should not be placed in front of the wishes of others. I'm a guest here and do believe in being polite.

        Paul A.
        Paul A.
        SE Texas

        And if you look REAL close at an analog signal,
        You will find that it has discrete steps.


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          Well said Paul, though I think it will fall on deaf ears.
          I tried to persuade him but all I got was an arguement,I hope you done better.


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            Ok, here's a question...

            When Hoffman was tooling up his heat treating furnace, I had some PID temperature controllers that I wanted to get rid of (still have most of em, no time to list em). I told him to contact me off list, gave him one at a pretty damn good price to put temp control on his furnace.

            Is that advertising?

            To me, that's helping someone solve a problem, much different than a post called "PID controllers for sale".



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              No argument from me. That wasn't my intention anyway, I hate you took it that way. Just a smug reply to your previous 2 smug replies.
              I thought there outright posting of items wasn't allowed but wasn't sure.

              I agree, that's not advertising.But I didn't know how something like that would be looked at.


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                Another member gave me a down to earth price for the change gears on my South Bend lathe. Theres definetly a feeling of wanting to help other board members on this list. It is unfortunete that it all has to happen behind the scenes.


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                  If you would have read the RULES there wouldn't be a problem. and a smug answer does not require Name calling.


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                    True but at least we have the camaraderie.(sic?)

                    think of it as a term of endearment.
                    Try a little more fiber.


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                      Try some fiber inverted. ROFLMAO


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                        How would you eat a bowl of raisin bran if it were upside down?


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                          Name calling?

                          The following is a post from another board"

                          "No Its not, You lying POS.

                          The HSM board is better.IMHO.

                          Why? becouse the moderator isn't full of himself,and doesnt play at being Godlike.

                          Of course, it is MY own opinion,Others have there own Also"
                          From non other than IOWOLF

                          Have trouble playing with others, do we?


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                            He lied, that calls for name calling.
                            No,I don't play well with others and I run with scissors.

                            Perhaps I shouldn't have said any thing.

                            It really wasn't MY place.Now, go get your fiber.


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                              Sounds like the other forum suffers from Goderator disease.


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                                <font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by BillH:
                                Sounds like the other forum suffers from Goderator disease.</font>
                                The PM site isn't bad bill, it is Dthomas's site though and he runs it like he wants it ran.