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What's the policy on selling items on this board?

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    The PM site does have some good topics on occasion. I usually check PM and HSM daily.
    Alot of good info and some smart guys on both sites.


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      FWIW, I think the way things are run here are just about right. When I've seen eBay listings linked here, it's always been of the "interesting find" or "should I buy this?" category. I'm guilty of this, too.

      What commercial posts I've seen have been flamed and perhaps killed by moderators. And of course, they're against the rules.

      I think the moderators here allow a lot of leeway and don't seem to like censorship. Things get OT from time to time, but things have a way of finding their way home again. I, for one, like this community as it is. Lots of good information and interesting opinions.


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        Wirecutter,well said. Let me add, any one who does not want to follow the rules,or wants to argue about them may go.

        This is my opinion and mine only.Your opinion may vary.


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          I had thought the "no soliciting" was aimed more toward dealers, but I have no problem with the current policy. Sounds good.
          I had got some good deals at an auction and was going to pass them along.
          I'll post them in an appropriate forum.
          I still don't get the whole "argue" comment.
          Just wanting clarification.