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H.F. to Grizzly in one motion.

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  • H.F. to Grizzly in one motion.

    A couple or three weeks ago I asked this forum what H.F. machine tools were like, Well; I must say; I became well informed, and for that, I again thank you who replied.

    I wound up with a small mill/drill #1006 from Grizzly. I had to pick it up from the truck terminal because the tractor trailer delivery truck could not negociate the narrow lane I live on.

    I finally wrestled the 760 pounds of it into my shop and set it up. I will be doing small one off work on it, it is just what the doctor ordered.

    The machine is built solid for it's intended use, it runs quiet and is rigid when making a cut.

    At this time I am continuing to "tool up" my shop and it is coming along nicely. I have the A.C. in and working, It's been hot and humid here in Baltimore the last few days.

    I am glad to be a part of this group It is very informative, I have learned something here and hopefully I will learn much more.

    If it isn't broken, why do I keep trying to fix it??
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    If it's not broken, why do I keep trying to fix it....

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    Norm -
    We're nearly neighbors. I work about 15 miles NW of DC. I've also got some iron on its way to me, and a Baltimore terminal pickup was one of the options I had.
    I chose to have it delivered to work, where there is at least a loading dock. I was told that if it went to my home, I'd be responsible for unloading. I didn't want to have to get too creative with the driver waiting, and I forgot about the big ol' engine hoist I'm storing at my house for a friend.

    Now it's just the waiting...