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  • Damm is it hot

    97 outside about 115 inside . Late this after noon I was changing the jaws for a setup and I put them back on the same way that I took them off. Luckly for me nobody saw what i did .

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    First thing I do after doing something dumb is look around to see if anyone saw me.

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      Yep hotter than hell here too,plus we have the added bonus of 90%+ humity,oh joy

      It's one thing when it's 100F and your sweat can evaporate,but really sucks when it just builds up and runs off,you overheat quick.
      I just need one more tool,just one!


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        Yep, musta been 85* here today
        Bonners Ferry, id.
        Stop by whne in the neighborhood.

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          I'm in SE Georgia and the heat has been noteworthy and the heat index has been triple digits for the past week plus. Just on the borderline of being miserable.

          John B
          John B


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            GOOD!... You yanks are finally getting a taste of what we've had for the past month! It's been down right chilly here this past week. We've only been around 98*.

            Deep in the Heart of Texas!


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              Was over 90 in Buffalo with 80% humidity. Buffalonians don't mind it much as the snow melts off pretty quick
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                75 degrees and a nice sunny day here today. More of the same for the week. About time too. We had the longest stretch of rain ever recorded around here in the last month and one half. For six weeks it rained at least some part of almost every single day with some amazing downpours. Screwy weather after the super hot spells the last two years that had half the province on fire. Not this year but it is hard on the farmers trying to get the hay in.

                Oh yeah, the highest humidity we have ever seen around here. It actually got over 50%.

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                  88 degrees and 91% humidity for a heat index of 103. Tomorrow it will be 93 with 93%.

                  Painting yesterday and today, does nothing for the paint at all but dry it out too quick.
                  CCBW, MAH


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                    104 today here in Phx, and it is are monsoon season, we have had rains every night for about 3 or 4 nights now. The humidty is about 40% according to the news, I don't know what that is on the heat index, but I can sure tell you it was hot in the shop the last two weeks, damn swamp coolers don't work worth a darn when it is this humid, and the sweat sure wasn't evaporating off of me. Hot is hot but I don't know how you guys deal with that 80% humidity. We have had a bunch of heat related deaths this past two weeks, mostly homeless and also the illegals trying to come here in the dead of summer. One sad story, a local kennel lost 28 dogs when their air conditioner broke over night, feel sorry for their owners when they come back from vacation to find out their dog died a miserable death.


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                      It hit 96* yesterday and 97* today.

                      We're having a thunderstorm right now and we're supposed to have a high of 75* tomorrow and upper 70's Wednesday.

                      Some of that Canadian air is supposed to finally reach us.

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                        mochinist, send some rain down to Safford. Only rained a little once here. It has cooled off a lot though, only about 100* the last few days. My shop swamp cooler isn't working too well either. Keep a fan on you, it helps a lot.


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                          I remember the good old days in south Louisiana growing up mid 90's temp and 90% humidity and no AC in the house or car. The attic fan and open windows felt good.

                          Only had to change my shirt 4 times today. Can't wait for August here in south Mississippi.



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                            <font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by moldmonkey:

                            First thing I do after doing something dumb is look around to see if anyone saw me.
                            Man this is what I do to
                            All people need are rules


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                              Supposed to be 104 here today, its 99 in the shade now, so looks like we will make it. At 0530 this morning the temp. was 78.