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    Proper clothing - short sleeved shirt tucked in, long pants - can be dickies, or jeans - but NOT those hang below your butt things, something comfortable, and not tight - no stringy thingers hanging about - keep lose things to a very minimum. I try to avoid cuffs, caught my pants on fire welding once, the students thought this was the funniest thing they ever saw!!!!!!!!! I found NO HUMOR in the matter until years later. Nothing like seing your shop teacher pouring water on his new "dockers".

    NO GLOVES - that suit of armor needs the gloves removed. Proper safety glasses. I like the "wrap" type - my test is that if you can put a finger between the glasses and your face with ease, too much room for chips coming in. hats, yes, if you wish. Sometimes around certain people, the space suit helmet looks like it might be the safest bet, but alas, work around safe people. I wear a hat, but I have a receding hairline, and the chip burns that might happen (and have) on that ever widening patch of forehead are worth laughs for others but alas I SEE NO HUMOR IN MY AGONY of hair loss or that big red mark right in my little patch of thinning hair at the crown of the forehead.....

    Shoes - depends on what you are doing. Steel toes are always an arguement. Probably a good idea in case you drop a vise or something on your toes....I however, wear some sturdy leather shoes with a good sole...oh, and socks.....yeah, even in summer, I have to put on socks when I work in the other time though...... Rather cath a chip in my socks that boring into my hide an sole of my foot.

    No rings, watches, or jewelery. Hangie things like necklaces, watches, or those wrist items are good catch points for handles, and other items laying about. To illustrate, a student tried to get one over on me, put on his girlfriends "friendship bracelet thingie (little twine thing, new girlfrind, he was 16 and twitterpated). Caught it on a tool on the work bench, and in a flash, while reaching to put oil on a cutter, the little allen wrench (3/16 long arm) dragged into the cutter. Small enough not to notice, big enough to wreck a part and cutter all in less than a hearbeat. Not to mention is trammed out the mill by .235 (yeah, I wrote it down) Yeah, a war story for about four years of students.

    Rings tend to get crushed more often than caught by rotating items. That, or an item slips in your hand - like a vise or a chuck,and catches on a ing, and dislocates a finger at the joint...seen that twice now, and a ring crush once.

    Just suggestions. Shop aprons are great, sleeveless ones, leather ones, denim, heck, ven a little flowery job...but no frillies. Some shop aprons have a "Mic pocket" that you put a 0-1 in, an the pocket swings to keep the mic in. Safety issues? worked with one like that for years...might be, but saved many a mic.

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      Large roll of aluminiumn foil for all those do it yourselfers, Oh yeah safety boots and eyeglasses. Wrap the foil extra thick around head and delicate areas.