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Again someone asks: Grizzly tools?

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    The 40" brake you are looking at is actually based on a european designed brake- with the fancy foot pedal clamping system. Either German or Swedish.
    I have looked at them, and they look pretty good.

    One drawback, however, is you dont have the opening height that the standard old design ones, like the G0542 does. That one is basically a copy of the old Chicago D&K, and the advantage to it is that you can open it wider to fit in already bent things, to flatten them, or you can build your own tooling to fit, or you can slide thru parts with bends already in them.
    The one you are looking at only opens to 1 3/4", and in many cases that is gonna be a problem.
    I recently made a fence from perforated metal, with a bend every 6",alternating in direction, so the resultant 4x8 sheet was a zig-zag. The zig zag fit thru the D&K brake at full elevation, so we could bend half of the sheet, slide it out, and turn it around. Otherwise we would have had to move the brake out in the middle of the room, to have 8 feet of clearance on each side. And my brake weighs over a ton.
    Another example, when we made these benches, we custom built a front bending bar from 4" pipe, so the bend was a 2" radius curve instead of a sharp bend. The additional opening height was very handy for that.


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      Ries -
      Nice work! That's really something.

      I have to admit that, being a rookie, I hadn't considered the opening height of the brake's clamping mechanism. My intended use is for boxes and pans, hence the box and pan brake. Of course, as its usefulness expands, I'm sure I'll quickly find work I can't do with it. That's been happening with me and tools ever since I got my first screwdriver at age 4. I guess that's why I have such a tool jones.