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Steady Rest identification?

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  • Steady Rest identification?

    When I bought my sheldon lathe, I found a steady rest in one of the compartments that did not belong to this lathe. I'm hoping someone could tell me what lathe it fits.There's a number on the top part of the rest (PT116NR1) and a number on the bottom part of the rest (PT115R1). There is also a number on the base of the rest (127R1). The base length which would sit on the ways is only about 4.25 in. from the edge of the flat bearing surface to the center of the "V". It would seem that the lathe it fits would have a narrow bed width. The gentleman that sold me the lathe had a Logan lathe also, so maybe this rest belonged to the Logan. Any help would be greatly appeciated.


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    Hey you may be my kinda guy....
    I have a Logan, but with it I got a Sheldon steady (10") that does not fit it quite right.

    Unfortunately I am not where I can check numbers and dims, the numbers do NOT sound Logan, but I will check and post back.


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      Hope this helps - the 10" Sheldon steady is part No. L-576. The 11" Sheldon steady is part No. K-575. The 12" Sheldon steady is part No. M-575. HOWEVER, my Sheldon steady (11") actually says "XK-576" on the top casting, and "XK-575-1" on the base casting. On older models, the base casting says "L-575". Confusing??


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        OK, What I have is a steady with cast into it "Sheldon" and "XK576". it is for a 10" machine, and has about 4.5 inches from the v center to far side of the flat. It is about 5" from flat up to work center.
        Clamp bar says L-577 on it.

        What I want is a Logan steady, which is part number AC189, but that might not be cast in. It would be about 5 1/4 from flat up to work center, and would be about 4.25 from center of V to the far side, maximum.

        The Sheldon part has one ear for the hinge gone, but the part that the hinge pin screws in is what is left. I never have fixed it, just used it.
        It is too wide for my carriage to get by easily, so I was gonna butcher it until it fit. If we can swap, I won't have to.

        Wish I had a pic, but no digicamera here.

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          I have 2 steadies for the sheldon but if this would fit your machine I'm sure we could come up with some type of deal.I don't know however, if this is for your machine. Maybe someone out there could shed some light on this subject and help us out? Would like to have a follower rest for my lathe(model EM-56-P) though.



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            Oh well, I'll try elsewhere.

            Thought you had the wrong one as I do, and that we could swap.

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              Guys, National Acme (DeVleig Bullard) can help sort this out, if you are interested! I think all three lathes (10", 11" and 12") used the SAME TOP CASTING - casting says "XK-576". The bottom castings were DIFFERENT for each size. So you need to refer to the bottom casting number when looking for a Sheldon steady. I know the latest National Acme part number actually cast on the base casting of the 11" Sheldon steady is "XK-575-1". The earlier (1945 era) base castings for the 11" lathe had "L-575" cast on them. I think the difference may be a small design change in the pivot pin assembly between the two 11" base castings - not sure. GOOD LUCK!! They show up on Ebay from time to time.