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  • Monarch wood cook stove

    I have a couple of monarch mallable iron cook stoves. One is mine and is in my kitchen I cook on it in the winter and heat my house with it. It is in excellent shape. The problem is the other one. A fella my wife works with has one to. It's not as fancy as ours, but is in pretty good shape. He dropped it off and wants me to clean it up. Said he would pay $900. for me to do it. (His wife really wants it in his house!) My question is about the finish. These stoves have a sheet metal shell. It appears to be "blued". His stove has slight surface rust on places. I was going to steel wool the rust off, but how do I refinish the bare spots? He said he doesn't expect profection. He was just going to use stove black. But the anal person that I am would like it done right! Do you think cold blueing would work? Any other ideas?

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    Just a thought...Wouldn't the thin metal turn blue after you put a fire in the stove anyway. Maybe before you return it to them build a good fire in it and let nature take its course.

    I know on stove flue pipe it comes blued but after a couple hours of use it's black from the heat.

    Hey, maybe if you need thin blued material and it isn't too big, could you just flatten out the stove pipe and use that? True Value usually has that in stock.


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      What you need is called "stove blacking".

      <font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">
      Stove Blacking or Polish.— Stove Blacking as it is known in the market is simply Blacklead, Amorphus Graphite or Plumbago,
      variously prepared and moulded, pressed, or cut into shape. It is obtained from mines, and consists of Carbon mixed with Iron, the mixture often being called Carbide or Carburet of Iron. It is finely ground, made into a stiff paste, moulded into bricks or other convenientform and dried. It is also furnished in the form of paste run into boxes.</font>
      From this old but useful book:

      What they don't mention is that the graphite and iron oxide is mixed with beeswax to form a paste that is rubbed on the stove. Smokes like crazy at first. I wouldn't use the lead...

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        I don't think thats what I'm looking for.
        I use stove black on all of the iron surfaces, but what I want to redo is sheet metal and it looks gun blued. I am trying to get some pictures in photo bucket,but I'm not having any luck. one picture showes the rust.It is a semi- transparent finish. The part of the stove that is being done. won't get hot enough to get a blue temper. and it is not really a finish, so to speak.

        I'll see if this works!


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          I think that when these stoves were originally made, the shell was made of amaterial called "Russian Iron", which is Blue in color.


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            That last pic looks like paint to me .
            looks like something called smoothrite made by the makers of hamerite.
            all the best...mark


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              I googled russian iron, and that sounds like the stuff! Now I just have to imitate the finish. I'll checkout that smoothrite also. Thanks