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  • Ain't It A Good Feeling...

    When you lose a part to one of your tools, and instead of calling Dewalt customer service, and paying an outrageous price...You go to the trusty old lathe and chuck up a piece of 6061. In about thirty minutes you have machined the needed bushing to fit on the saw blade guard, and it works perfectly. Priceless!
    Arbo & Thor (The Junkyard Dog)

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    That is a weekly feeling around my shop, but now you know what it is all about.



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      Yup,like spending three weeks custom building a machine for a customer,off the top of my head,without prints and then flipping the switch and having it work perfectly the first time.Only one hitch,customer satisfaction adds greatly to my workload
      I just need one more tool,just one!


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        Now, if I could only figure out how to get the Dozer Blade on my mill table.

        Sometimes, satisfaction comes from a good cutting torch and big hammer. The point is that you've used your knowlege and tools to fix or improve something.

        Keep it up! You've got the fever.


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          It's nice to go out into the shop and have the equipment you need to make what ever it is that needs to be made, or the justification to buy that piece of equipment you always wanted. If you need a "special tool" to make your part, you make the special tool also, then chunk it into the "special tool" drawer for use again. It may take 10 hours work to make a $10 part, but that $10 is still in your pocket, you may have learned a new trick while making the part, you get enjoyment out of the making of the part, you may have used a piece of scrap metal you picked up off the side of the road 20 years ago and swore you should throw it away 15 times, but most of all you were doing something constructive. Yep, it's a good feeling.

          Time to go to work.



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            I had a post recently about bearings for an old table saw. I thought I had located them locally but the wrong size.

            I'm making an arbor to fit my old bearings! The time I got, the experiance I don't but when done maybe I'll know a little more
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              The amount of time spent feeling good about fixing something almost equals the amount of time spent feeling bad about "fixing it till it broke."
              mark costello-Low speed steel


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                It's a great feeling! I've only been using my Logan and POS mill/drill for about 6 months now but it's great to know that I can make things for other things I'm working on.

                I got a bunch of tools and stuff pretty cheap and in there was a c clamp that was missing the swivel shoe on the end. I had some bar stock laying around and made one for it in about 20 minutes. A friend of mine laughed and said that I could buy a new c clamp for $10. He just doesn't get it - it's not the price, it's the practice, the learning process (for me anyway) and the feeling of satisfaction every time I go to use that c clamp.

                One other thing I'll add is that it's great to know that you don't have to wait a week and a half for your ordered part to come in when you can make one from stock you have in your shop. Turns things around faster if you can make one.



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                  <font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Arbo:
                  When you lose a part to one of your tools, and instead of calling Dewalt customer service, and paying an outrageous price...You go to the trusty old lathe...</font>
                  I wish I could machine a new trigger switch assembly for my cordless dewalt drill...