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Phase converter hookup

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  • Phase converter hookup

    It appears my VFD has died. All I get is overcurrent fault, even with everything disconnected.

    I have a heavy duty phase converter I can use until I can come up with another VFD, but need to know if I will need a starter or can I just use a drum switch to start and reverse it. It is a 1-1/2HP, 220 volt motor.

    If I can hook it up on a pigtail, it will let me use the lathe in the interim.
    Jim H.

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    JC,check your mail.
    I just need one more tool,just one!


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      If I understood your question and you are refering to the phase converter:

      For a self starter you'll need a start capacitor that you cut out once the phase converter is running. Since this is a temporary thing, wire in a switch and use a rope wrapped around the converter’s shaft to start it. Just switch it on and quickly pull the rope. You won't need to reverse it - the converter doesn't care what the lathe motor is doing.


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        I have my lathe and mill both hooked up to a rotary phase. I don't run them both at the same time but they are both reversible with their respective controls. The mill was hooked to a static converter. It reversed in the normal way with the switch. I had a 9x42 Bridgeport with belt drive and it started ok. When I went to a variable speed Bridgeport it didn't start very well hence the change to using the existing rotary phase. I have a VFD on my belt sander because of its location I tied it into a circuit that needs to be kept on. I have been worrying about it being on all the time. How old was your VFD?
        Byron Boucher
        Burnet, TX