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OT...Worlds dumbest dog!!! Sheesh!

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    Speaking of 'pins, needles, and other sharps', I had a burro when I was a teenager. Living in Wickenburg for the summer of '64, I decided to ride into the desert to this 'hill/mountain' to the east along the river's south side.

    A stray dog insisted on tagging along and the burro got tired and wouldn't let me guide him around this cholla know, the ones that are all needles and nothing much else. Stepped on it with a hind leg, kicked the dog in the face. What a mess, two miles from home, both dog and burro wounded.

    Oh, yeah, (down boy..and you know what) this momma and daughter combo was staying near by and I got 'friendly' with the daughter. We went sight seeing near the old Vulture mine. Daughter and me alone. We were supposed to go to the swimmin' pool, but it was 'ladies only' day, so we went to the mine. We were walking down this path to a miners rock pile/claim thing and a lizard did its sudden exit stage left thing and the girl recoiled into one of those cholla cactus. Well, it was right in the left not the face, the OTHER left cheek!! Naturally the spines/needles wouldn't come out thru the bottom of the bathing suit. I, unfortunately, being the young gentleman stood on her left side when she pulled it down enough to pull the needles out. To say Mommy wasn't happy camper is to say the least!! They were from some place in New York state.

    Dang, last time I saw her!! Wonder why??