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Construction worker Child support trap.. Off topic , angry topic

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  • Construction worker Child support trap.. Off topic , angry topic

    The Construction workers Child support trap:

    I make good money when I work construction. I make very little money while Not working in between jobs.
    Child support is calculated on the amount of money you make in a quarter, when the mother requests a review it is usually granted in a few weeks, when the non-custiodial parent requests a review it is granted within six months. I have seen this personally when I asked for a review.

    I was sitting in a court room in Tennessee when I heard a judge tell a man to "go get you another one of them good paying construction jobs" Just like he has any say in the economy and the availability of the good paying jobs. A construction worker has no say so over the hours or the pay of a job. The woman judge refused to lower his child support amount.

    I see my Fellow Union Electricians get trapped, Good paying jobs are not to be found locally, so they have to travel to the "good jobs" where ever they are located, live in a motel or a aluminum skinned recreational vehicle, away from thier family, away from thier homes, away from thier loved ones and work the "slave" type long hours to pay child support to "stay out of jail".

    Am I wrong to not submit to being forced into working and traveling to employment around the country? Living like a gypsie, all the while JODIE (nameless jobless local womanizer) sweet talks my current spouse, pawns my guns, rides my motorcycle and the court takes %50 percent of my income? Sounds like a trap to me.

    Being aware of this, I limit myself to NOT traveling to the long hour, good paying jobs, I know once trapped into making a good quarter of income I will be forced to submit to being in jail or travel till my child support term ends. Once it is raised it is not lowered easily. I see people paying %50 of thier checks out on support. What I have saw? if you want to keep it you better keep it with you. AND NEVER mail your money home.

    I have been calling the union hall for a job, none local. I see this crank addicted convict walking up the road every day just waiting on me to go off to work. I took a ball bat and ran him off my property recently. He walks up the far side of the road, calling out to my dog, making friends.

    You know of course a high child support collection is good for the economy? A woman is not going to save the money for college, or any other real need, she'll buy a new car, spend the support money like there is no tomorrow, cause another check will be in the mail, or the goverment will emprison "his ass".

    I'm pissed, Mostly at Timothy McVeigh for not blowing up the "right" goverment building for injustice.

    Next time you are at the post office, look at all the construction workers wanted for back child support. They are on lil wanted posters there in the lobby. Usually our local post office has in between 100 and 500.

    As a non-custodial parent, you have no input on who is around your children, where she decided to "move" to, if she decides to move every month or not? Your court appointed visitation does not take any concern to her. She can have convicted child molesters around your kid and you can't say a word. I have been warned by the "judge" to not speak any derogatory comments about my ex or her associates no matter how distasteful, This is in person or remote conversations. I will be in contempt if I do so and be subject to be locked up at "your honors disgression"

    David Cofer, Of:
    Tunnel Hill, North Georgia

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    move to Alberta IBEW. Our local can't find enough IBEW members to fill all the calls, they are taking in scabs from everywhere.


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      We can't work up there, the transfer agreement says only Canadians can come down here and work, YOUR goverment won't let me work up there. Unless I could prove my indian heritage that is. (wierd canadian law)

      I ain't leaving my small spot of ground here for more than a few hours at a time anyways. The convict walked down the road here a few minutes ago. I put up 6' chainlink, iron gates but you know as well as I do that just slowes someone down. It did make the local police drive real slow looking. With the house addition and the fence, black iron gates it looks like someone has "too much money" here. (I got a 30 year payment plan) That is till it is sold in divorce court to keep JODIE happy. You know he needs his money on the barrel head.


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        The problem with the courts is that most judges are men and men with daughters. They treat each man that stands before them as if they had committed some crime against their daughter. They don't realiae that we are in the 21st century and women are capable and should support themselves after a divorce. They shouldn't lkegally be able to suck the life and spirit out of their ex. I am in a similar boat, "she who will not be named" receives approximately 50% of my pay and sits on her ass all day.


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          Seek Asylum in the uk
          everybody else is doing it
          And why not...... a hard working guy like you.
          benifits are a free health service as no need to be afraid of going to the doctor you have been in the past (superglue).
          and then reading about that poor Arbo's hands.
          it dont sound a nice place to live over there.
          all the best...mark


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            Perhaps a little humor will help??

            A divorced father gives the following account:

            Today is my daughter's 18th birthday. I was so glad to have this be the end of all those child support payments, month after month, year after year.

            I called my daughter and asked her to come to my house. When she got there, I gave her the last support check and told her to take it to her mother and tell her mother it would be the last support check she would ever get from me, then to come back and tell me about the expression on her mother's face.

            My daughter took the check and left for her mother's place. Meanwhile I was on pins and needles waiting to hear the result.

            After while, my daughter came back. When she came in, I asked her right away "Well, what did your mother have to say about that?"

            She replied that her mother had instructed her to say "You're not my daddy" and watch the expression on YOUR face!
            Lynn S.


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              Just hilarious. How about something helpful instead?


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                Can't offer any help. I don't think there is any. You're going to get screwed. Been there. In my case, I was patient, and the ex eventually admitted she couldn't handle my son and gave him to me. No problems with him -- he just couldn't handle her nonsense either, so it all worked out for me.

                I was lucky. The deck is always stacked against the father.
                Lynn S.


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                  The morel of this story... Kids keep it in your pants, or wear a raincoat.

                  On the other hand never screw a woman you don't want your future kids to spend all but every other weekend with,and give half your money and belongings to for 18 years or more.


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                    Gypsie I feel for you. Wish you could have had the teacher I had in high school Family Living class. He managed to get this into my skull in a way that I believed him. It isn't really more complicated than this. What he told us was....

                    Want to know what your wife is going to grow up to be? Look at her role model, her mother.

                    Want to know how she'll expect to be treated in marriage? Look at how her father treats her mother.

                    Remember that what first attracts you to your mate is very likely to be one of the issues you will one day want to argue about.

                    Early in the relationship you both agree to the following: We both agree not to yell and holler because it's addictive and gets easier the more of it you do. We also agree to only argue about one topic at a time until we both feel it's been resloved. And we further agree that the bedroom is no place for serious household discussions.

                    My Dad contributed, "when two rational people argue they are both right. Why else would they argue?" Dad was right, I never entered an agrument I didn't feel I was right about. I have been proven wrong a good many times!

                    And then there's Roger Millers "Husbands and Wives" song wherein he rightfully proclaims that "pride is the chief cause in the decline in the number of husbands and wives".

                    Unfortunately for some of you this is all after the fact, maybe someone will read it when they need to and rethink where they're going............

                    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
                    Thank you to our families of soldiers, many of whom have given so much more then the rest of us for the Freedom we enjoy.

                    It is true, there is nothing free about freedom, don't be so quick to give it away.


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                      Bottom of this story? I got a signed and witnessed statement from the "ex" that says she did not ask for a review, did not request one and they used her name erronously. (no I didn't have to beat her to get it either)

                      Calling the Tennessee State office resulted in me wanting to buy a ton of fertilizer and rent a Uhaul. Frustration. I am not a diplomat.

                      Seems she signed a Power of attorney, telling them they can act with her name in any function they desire, they don't even have to relay my money I send each week to the ex, they can spend it as they well please. This explains why sometimes she gets different amounts than what I send.

                      I am needing to speak to a attorney about custody I think. Put the shoe on the "other" foot.

                      David Cofer, Of:
                      Tunnel Hill, North Georgia


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                        What I want to know is whatever happened to women's lib? She wants to leave,then she can leave and support herself.But hell no,judges and the legal system are biased toward women.

                        Not that I give a dam,I'm not married anyway.Here like many places we have the so called "deadbeat dad law" even thou half of the offenders are women.

                        It really makes a lot of sense,put dad in jail,now the taxpayers will really foot the bill.I had a buddy stop paying his because he was and still is disabled,he is in a wheelchair,still has to pay thou.Sheriff came around to lodge the usual threat,he held out his hands and told him putting him in jail would be the best thing that ever happened.He spent 30 days and the judge figured out you can't get blood from a turnip so they let him go.

                        That's one reason I will most likely never get married,to many gals these days look at it as the lottery,get married,get pregnant,divorce and then they are set for life.A lawyer friend says the "Baby clause"is becoming more popular everyday.

                        Every other day there is an article in the paper about the "un-wed" mother problem in the state.What a bunch of idiots,no body realizes a girl with no education,no ambition and no work ethic will not find a 40+hour a week job that pays as good as welfare/child support anywhere in the state.

                        I just need one more tool,just one!


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                          You've got it all wrong. Save a whole pile of money on the lawyers and all if you just find a woman who hates you and give her all your money.


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                            one of my friends in college grew up in, as he referred to it, "the ghetto".

                            His response to this whole topic...

                            "That's why I pay for sex"



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                              are you saying your ex gave power of attorney to someone, and now someone other than your ex is requesting that you pay more child support??? where do you want me to send the contribution to your fertilizer fund?

                              andy b.
                              The danger is not that computers will come to think like men - but that men will come to think like computers. - some guy on another forum not dedicated to machining