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Wanted: Clausing 8520/8530

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  • Wanted: Clausing 8520/8530

    Good Morning Gentlemen...
    Can anyone provide a lead on a Clausing 8520/8530 mill. I live in Oak Ridge TN and can pick up East of the Mississippi.

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    You might try over at Practical Machinist ( ) in their Free Classifieds and Ebay Listings section.



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      Please see:

      No connection, no interest, just happened to remember


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        There is a machine dealer that combs these forums-Fred Eisner (imsteamer on Ebay). I bought an 8520 from him, stay clear of this dude!


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          There was an add in the local paper today for a clausing. Ment to call on it. Will do tomorrow for you.


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            oops, the add is for a lathe. Sorry


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              Fred's Ok AFAIK, if maybe a bit on the expensive side dealing direct.... dunno about ebay.

              What's the issue?

              Keep eye on ball.
              Hashim Khan


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                I sold a couple of machine parts to Fred Esisner a few months back and met him at NAMES. No complaints from me on the deal and he seemed a decent sort in person.

                Mike Henry near Chicago


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                  I'm wanting one myself. What are they going for these days?


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                    I just sold a nice Rockwell Vertical/Horizontal for $1,500. I would say a nice Clausing should be somewhere between $1,200 and $1,700, but in the end they are worth what you are willing to pay. I one saw one sell from $3,500 (!) on ebay.


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                      J. Tiers
                      As I said I bought an 8520 Clausing Mill from him. Paid $1650 plus $150 charge for him to build a crate. The machine was missing the brake assembly and vise handle and arrived damaged. There are three things that I would say. (1)I paid good money to have the machine properly crated. This man is supposedly a machine dealer but the machine was put on a rotten wood pallet, not lagged down and then plywood built around it. It was dropped by either Fred or the freight company and then broke through the one side of the base and broke many expensive parts and parts that can not be obtained easily for this mill. I contacted Fred and he said he would get all of the parts, indicating that he knew were there was a parts machine. Then he came back later and said he wanted to wait to see if the freight company would write the machine off! Get this he even wanted to sell me another machine. I get a decline from the freight company based on there was no visible damage to the crate and that they assume no responsibility, in other words they say that Fred may have dropped it. I go back to Fred and show him the decline letter and he tells me that he has sold the parts! and I get the feeling that he really does not want to help with the problem anymore. 2) His correspondence indicates that he will send me the missing brake assembly and vise handle.These parts have never been sent to me 3) Fred said that there was minor rust on the machine and that it would clean up with some scothbrite work. Quite amasing that when the mill arrived, the rust on the cabinet took a commercial sandblaster and then the work of an angle grinder and body filler to fix. Not to mention that most of the bearings were rusted. The spindle had been taken apart by some amateur. I have all of the correspondence to back this up! I certainly will not recommend that anyone buy from him.


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                        Sounds as though there was

                        1) a difference in "definitions".... rust apparently was NOT on ways. Rust on the case somewhere wouldn't be considered a particular issue as far as operability etc......

                        2) the freight co (as is usual) is trying to get out from under, and probably will succeed, even though they probably do have responsibility... including most likely leaving it out in the rain.

                        3) the whole correspondence probably took so long Fred assumed you solved the issue....

                        Keep eye on ball.
                        Hashim Khan


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                          It's been way to long since I've posted any replies - but here's a few cents worth:

                          1) I'm sorry to hear about your dealings with Fred not working out. I used to bump into him at local auctions and know some folks who dealt with him and had nothing but positive experiences.

                          2) Freight co's: I've dealt with many both at my job and personally. To give you an idea of how resistant to a claim they can be - I used to do about $150k a year business with one of them - my co. used them for 5 -6 years. When they refused - over many months - to settly a claim for a bit over $2k that was clearly their fault - I changed carriers. I clearly told the manager that if it wasn't resolved - I would take my business elsewhere - and I did.

                          3) Damaged freight: Grizzly's carrier dropped my A1-S mill and cracked the knee casting. I refused delivery - Grizzly not only had a new mill delivered to me within 2 or 3 days - but they gave me free freight for my trouble. Were I in the market for machinery again - guess what co. would get my business.

                          Not sure any of this is of value to anyone - but I thought I'd throw it out there.


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                            No there was no difference of views on the purchase and sale of this machine. I have had many dealings with freight companies over my years and I know the route they always take. But in this particular situation I understand completely why they assumed no responsibility. There was no visible damage to the exterior of the crate. The damage was not discovered until I pulled the front off the cabinet. There was too much correspondence going back and forth between Fred and myself to say that he just thought the matter went away. And what about the spindle brake and vise handle? Sorry but the facts speak for themselves.


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                              try the clausing service center
                              811 elsenhower dr. so.
                              p.o. box 877
                              goshen, in. 46526

                              phone 219-533-0371 fax 219-533-0403
                              i got a parts and service manual from them and they do have some parts for the mills.