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OT - Why I am a Mayor

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  • OT - Why I am a Mayor

    OK, you all hammer politicians, but hey, I also teach machining, so I can't be all bad......

    anyway, a news story written about my city, and shows why i do what i do on my "off hours" from teaching. Some things do work right..... OH, we do have more smaller stores than chain stores...

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    Don't stop at mayor, Spope for President 2008


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      Ahhh... but will he pass the all important litmus test?

      "Mayor Pope, in your bid for the presidency, what is your platform's position on chain-saw bar oil?"

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        hamerhead74000 --

        I am shocked . . . shocked! I tell you!

        "Bar oil" is totally low class, and should have no place in this discussion.

        Any proper Yankee can certainly tell you the proper term is "chain saw TAVERN oil".



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          >> I am shocked . . . shocked! I tell you!

          Uhhh... that's why you're supposed to unplug the chain-saw before working on it!

          And as far as chain-saw tavern oil is concerned - being a much higher class product, it's not really very controversial... my political consultants tell me that tavern oil probably won't have much of an impact on this campaign... which brings us back to (if you will pardon the use of the street name) bar oil... and what the S. Pope campaign's platform plank on the subject is...


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            So you're bringing a lost city back. Congratulations! Ain't much as sad as a lost city with half the homes and storefronts vacant. You see a little dog running around that answers to Toto, you send him home!
            - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
            Thank you to our families of soldiers, many of whom have given so much more then the rest of us for the Freedom we enjoy.

            It is true, there is nothing free about freedom, don't be so quick to give it away.


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              Way to go spope14! Keep up the good work.



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                I was going to run for my State Employee Retirment Board, but read all of the thing that they wanted done and referenced to Andersons Ref to state law to see what needed to be done and how. Guess what the They are asking for SSN from petition signers, which the state can no longer do. So do I want to be a part of this, no. I will just collect my retirement checks and complain like everyone else.

                Maybe I should start out by running for mayor of a small city



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                  how much would it cost to get you down to Allentown, PA for a few years?

                  keep up the good work!

                  andy b.
                  The danger is not that computers will come to think like men - but that men will come to think like computers. - some guy on another forum not dedicated to machining


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                    Fantastic. And it is just a part time job. Fantastic.

                    Paul A.
                    Paul A.
                    SE Texas

                    And if you look REAL close at an analog signal,
                    You will find that it has discrete steps.


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                      Nice going scope14, realy nice.!!

                      All people need are rules
                      All people need are rules


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                        If you don't know why you are a mayor,then why are YOU mayor?We don't know why you are mayor.Only your thoughts and actions can answer that question.So...........why are you asking the board members why you are mayor?If you don't know why you are mayor then I sure as hell ain't going to back for the presidential spot.We've got a looney in there now.What do we need with another one?And he doesn't really want to be the pres.He wants to turn that position into a dictatorship with himself as dictator and at my age I was stupid enough to believe in this twerp.


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                          Good for you Scott!Hey do you guys have an inventory tax on business inventory?We got one here,the big stores with fast moving inventory don't pay it,but the small businesses get strangled by it,most idiotic tax I have ever seen.
                          I just need one more tool,just one!


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                            RD 51...huh????? Don't equate me with the jerks who run at higher levels. I am a machinist, and work in .0001 tolerance on a daily basis, and my city council and city has figgured it out: in tolerance - out of tolerance - it works, or it don't. One Fedaral Senator just likes to give me heck about it - "do not have to guess what you think......"

                            No inventory tax, no income tax, no sales tax. We have a couple of zones now where there is no business tax what-so ever for businesses starting for five years, and then, the taxes are so miniscule, businesses do not consider this. Our property taxes are high however, a pain in my side, but the property values are also less than average, so you break even in this regard.

                            Bar and chain oil - Gotta admit, I bought about 50 gal of Way oil (Way lube 68 texaco) a bit of a while back, so I use it on my machines. Got it cheap for the school shop, THUS saving taxpayer moolah, so I use it. I have a chainsaw, the oil costs much more per gallon. In my simple mind I have this figgered out...The Way oil in my shop - I have about 30 gallons left, bought it for the machines (also a 55 gal of Hydraulic, and Spindle). Why spend about 5 bucks a gallon when I got the way et al for $2.00 or less. I use the bar and chain oil on my chainsaw, after all I have to buy it, and to do otherwise is "lifting" from the taxpayers. I love the smell of a shop with all th machines lubed ith way oil in th morning....especially on a high humidity day when the smell is heaviest...I wish they would make this into an aftershave...... I also love the smell of filling my chainsaw tank with the right bar and chain wife thinks I am sick and wrong......

                            Cost to get me to Allentown....about $35.00 in gas right now....but with the round trip, about $195.00 including a night in a hotel. Really though, I love PA, love to go to Harrisburg, all in tht area, have delivered parts to Allentown. I take an April trip to PA just to poke and prod each year, there and VA. My wifes family lives in my home town, but they are worthless, so we are thinking of moving...but I still love my city, the people in it, and our beauty, so I stay here NOW for my own personal life I have built here.

                            Honestly, I love my city, the surroundings are just magnificent, and would have a hard time leaving.

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                            CCBW, MAH


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                              A politician with ethics and love for his community, now there is a dilemma or should that be an oxymoron?
                              Good for you Scott;
                              It does my heart good to hear that there is a community with a council that is NOT full of self serving creatures.
                              Congratulations, instead of bitching and moaning, you chose to act for the good of your community.
                              cheers, Ken