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    Way to go spope!

    There are a lot of towns and cities that could use a guy like you.

    Our local lunatics raised the parking rates in a parkade because the usage was dropping. Brilliant huh?

    "The beatings will stop when morale improves" should be the motto of our city council.


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      Sorry to tell you this Scott,but you are doing to good a job to get re-elected

      That's the way it works here,our county supervisor(the ONLY good one we ever had)was voted out the following election,guess people didn't like getting the're roads paved or having thier taxes not go up.
      I just need one more tool,just one!


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        spope14,please don't take what I typed the wrong way.I can't equate you with anyone.I don't know you and probably never will.You asked a question in your heading and I typed my thoughts,nothing more.Obviously I'm not to good at political humor.I'm originally from the state you reside in so I do hope you're doing a good job.If for no other reason,at least the children,so that they won't inherit us adults messes.


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          RD, Comments accepted, and very much appreciated, and sorry if I seemed a bit rude. Guess that is the machinist in me.

          Yes, I can understand the frustration with the "politicians" as well. I get hammered by them all the time, and will face a very hearty challenge from a "pro" in November. May get beat, things look 50/50 at best right now, but I will do what i do, and if beaten for doing what is needed instead of doing what is comfortable or easy, so be it. Have to admit, the job does cut into my "candlestick" and air motor making time...... But, it is a good trade off for two more years if needed.

          I fear that a next step might be the step that leads to the "Peter Pinciple" being proved. Been approached a few times, but I believe I am where I am at for a reason, an have just on term left in me - or so I say at present.

          Taxes......Spending too much time trying to stabilize what mess we made by cutting things too thin for 20 years. No real road work, water and sewer work, or infrastructure planning and preventatives done during that time as well. We have worked on some business initiatives to try to get the foundation to pay for the necessary needs. Hopefully by this time next year, I can actually annouce a truly sustainable cut that holds onto a planned program of maintenance and improvement rather than a cut that affects services and stops roads, sewer, water, and community improvements for the sake of just saving a buck..... Do it right, make it work........
          Kind of like tapping or boring the hole to tolerance, I don't want to have to pound the ball bearing in the top of the hole to make the no-go not fit, I want the whole tapped/bored hole right......Used that once, the council looked at me funny, the machinists in the community just loved it!!!!!

          Hey RD, you might want to know as well, we finally have a Governor that is pretty much non-partisian, a former manufacturing firm owner, and is trying to do it right as well...Highest regards for him, love working with him!!!!!!!!

          Raising parking rates because a garage is not used???????????? Sounds very counter productive.......

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          CCBW, MAH


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            spope14,I seem to remember you typing your were from the great state of N.H.,on that other site(PM).I was born there in,Laconia and lived at The Weirs Beach,until my parents made the mistake of moving to Florida.I now live in the A$$hole state of Georgia.I do sorely miss N.H.It is truly a great place to live.


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              I have indeed been blessed to live in some of the great places on earth. Almost tried FLA a few years back, had a gret job lined up, house, and moving all set up to move to Kenneth City. Last minute, bagged it. God works in strange ways, and this was the right thing.

              Laconia and Wiers are some of the treasures of the state.

              If you ever make it back up this way, th offer stands to check out my city and my teaching machine shop - (ahem) one of the best in all of the Northeast!!!
              CCBW, MAH


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                0.0001 ? I'm so glad it's not one of those zero tolerance places

                Keep up the good work Scott. When you're done, head on over to the state house and clean it up. Maybe Pres. is out but how about Gov.?

                RD51, I work in your birthplace and lived there for about 6 years too. Motorcycle weekend has gone from around 50,000 to 350,000 attendees. Some things have changed a bit !


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