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Any comments on the Weller model 8200 soldering gun?

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    J Tiers,

    It's interesting how you so conveniently leave out my second post (the 3rd post in the thread) which should have made it obvious to even you -

    "Yep, I'm sure I want a soldering gun.
    I already have 2 different sized soldering irons and a soldering station for the light work."

    Soldering irons weren't part of the topic yet you fixated upon them.

    As a reminder, I'll also post the topic -

    "Any comments on the Weller model 8200 soldering gun?"

    Nope! No request for advice on soldering irons mentioned there either.

    You got off track and got mad at me when I wouldn't take your off topic advice EVEN THOUGH I APOLOGIZED TO YOU TWICE. Like I've said before, get over it!

    I'm finished with you J Tiers. Have a nice day!

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      I would recomend you get one the next stage up that you need.

      All people need are rules
      All people need are rules


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        We do alot of soldering of pl 259 and other cables we use weller D650 pro solder gun it is avalable from newark part # 92f7641 it puts out 300 watt in high but main thing is how the tip is fasend in. You can soler a couple hundred times before you have to retighten tip. The other irons tips need to be retightened about every every half dozen times. YOU want more heat watts so you can heat it up to soldering temp fast and get off. Can solder pl 259 on rg8 outside in below 0 weather with wind no problem.

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          I was using a propane torch to reclaim parts off old boards. Sure the copper cladding ignited or bubbled off but with some pliers I got a lot of nice DIP sockets off old video cards.
          I totally agree, it has to do with mass and heat retention, Wierdscience, one day Im going to make one of those. How did you attach the copper to the shaft again? Shrunk the shaft and heated the copper?


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            Bill,I threaded the copper 1/4-20 for an inch or so deep,then threaded the rod into it.Next I heated the copper to red heat and forged the tip,then I reheated the copper and twisted the rod in tight,then quenched it in water,I don't think it's comming loose
            I just need one more tool,just one!