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grizzly 9972z quick change tool post

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  • grizzly 9972z quick change tool post

    I finally have the lathe set up and have decided that I do not like the tool post on the machine. I would like to change to a quick change tool post and was wondering which one other owners have used. I cannot find any info on the dimensions for the mounting plate and how much of mod it will be to adapt. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Looking at Grizzly's quick change and they have one for a 10" swing and the next is for 12"!?
    I sent an email but no answer yet.
    Was also considering the traditional rocker tool post they have but discovered it IS really nice to have another tool already set up and handy.
    Sorry I can't offer the results of extensive research on it but I'm having too much fun making chips!


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      The AXA series will work well on the 11" lathe, the PhaseII and other Chinese clones are frequently on special around $100.00 for a set.

      The Aloris toolposts and their clones are the best deal going. Next is to make your own ala John Stevenson's plans.
      Jim H.