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  • Sleeve press fit

    Am about ready to reline a set of sleeves for my tractor and was wondering what type of fit between the liner and the sleeve would be acceptable. the od of the sleeve 4.155" I was thinking about a thou' to a thou' and a half. Am I in the park, or out to lunch? plan on warming the sleeve and freezing the liner for installation. And yes , complete replacement sleeves w/pistion assymblies are avalible.just too dam expensive( $400.00 a pair,no rings, no pins,no gaskets,need two pairs,= more than cost of tractor!) Thanks Shawn

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    you know, it may be higher than that. iirc, it's about 1.5 thou for a 1" diameter hole/part and it goes up about a thou per extra inch of diameter. i'd give you the exact value, but my handbook is in my truck and my dad just pulled out of the driveway...

    also, if you're doing a shrink fit (heating and cooling), it'll be a higher difference too, i think.

    this is for the engine, right?


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      I done alot catapillar swing frame hubs and do a shrink fit of .025 press on 6"-7" diam.

      I was told to use the figure of 7 millions per degree F. on steel.

      I had to press a pin into a forging that had about .005 press on a 4" bore, it picked up a gaul and a 50 ton press would not do it so i put it in a 300 ton press and the forging blew up about 95 tons and went flying, a bunch of logging company owners and some saw mill guy were watching, the crazy old farts did not even flinch.