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My parting off show and tell

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  • My parting off show and tell

    I have had the usual problems with parting off with HSS....Biggest problem I had was with the lube....HSS parting off must have lube and it gets flicked everywhere....So I got a 3mm carbide insert parting off blade and have tested it out...WoW what an excellent system....

    So I made a short vid of it parting off some 90mm mild steel at 300rpm with it being fed in under power feed at 0.046 inches/rev...At the start I thought the motor was going to stall but it held up and continued flawlessly...I am impressed...

    6Mb for the bandwidth challenged...enjoy

    See Ya.........
    Precision takes time.

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    Really great show. Enjoyed the video very much. Thank you for your effort.


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      Good video. Looks more like .0046 feed per rev. I'd be real impressed if it was .046.
      Jonathan P.


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        Now you are going to make me want one. I also caught the .046 feed, surely a mistake.
        How many hp is your late?


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          WoW! Super cool!! I ahve been fighting cut off problems and usually resort to a hacksaw, Thanks Fred


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            Good video , it looks like you horsed the hell out of it. (nothing wrong with that)

            the parting tool you used is the same as I have seen in screw machines parting thousands of times a day, a good stout tool.

            I hope you make more videos.

            what camera and video editing sofware did you use?


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              Yea it was .0046iches/rev I misread the table on the lathe...

              The lathe has only a 2hp motor and weighs in at 700kg's(round 1600lbs..

              I have a Panasonic NV-GS250 camera(excellent camera) and use Microsoft Movie maker for this sort of editing for internet posts...
              Precision takes time.


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                Iscar tool?
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                  No some italian brand....
                  Precision takes time.


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                    Ya makin CD's?


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                      Somehow it reminds me of the story I used to read to my kids about Johnycake ... it's been a long day.

                      Very impressive cut The end is in sight for my HSS blade. Den


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                        I could make a DVD or CD I guess...Unfortunately my avi version of the "how to thread" video was lost during the great format of 29th July 05....It consumed all in it's path...It was supposed to be backed up onto DVD during the great backup of 29th July 05 but was missed...I still have the raw unedited footage on tape so I will have to reedit it again....

                        What other sort of vid's would you like to see...I only have a lathe and mill to use though...
                        Precision takes time.


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                          You cannot edit with a lathe or mill. Well, OK, you can edit metal but not tape...
                          Free software for calculating bolt circles and similar: Click Here


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                            Thanks ...



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                              I've been tempted to use power feed when parting off... but also very scared as if something goes wrong... you can't react fast enough to back the tool out... however the power feed could allow for things that go wrong by feeding by hand (not constant feed/pressure), to not even happen... But if the part hops up on the bit under power feed = UH OH...

                              Is .004 a good place to start for a parting feed as a general feed rate?

                              300 rpm seems slow to me with a carbide bit in a soft steel... though i could be wrong and it obviously worked out very well.

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