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CAFTA passed, look for more ebay deals

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  • CAFTA passed, look for more ebay deals

    As even more jobs head south and business's
    go under. We just don't seem to learn, ever one of these trade polices have failed.
    Non, je ne regrette rien.

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    MORE EBAY DEALS? But we will not be able to afford them with no jobs.

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      There is a slight difference with this one.

      These are countries we ALREADY have free trade with.The bulk of the deal is THOSE countries agreeing to lower or eliminate the're import taxes on US goods and commodities.In exchange we are relaxing some of the import limits we have existing like an increase of 2-1/2% in the amount of sugar we import from Brazil.

      This deal is not as devistating as NAFTA was/is,especially since the overwhelming bulk of our trade deficit is with China.
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        We spent many years and some lives trying to keep Central American Countries from going it may be only fair that we welcome them into our market place with open arms.

        I'm much more worried about our own fiscal responsibility in this Country, as debt becomes a way of life on all scales from personal to governmental and statistical tricks are legislated to ubfuscate true reporting of inflation and our economic fundamentals.

        There's so much stuff here to learn...I wish I had more time to study economics.


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          I agree the gimmicks must stop and some common sense must be brought to bear, I don't think the GOP or the DEM's have it.
          What we really need is a successful business
          man in office whos isn't fooled by the FED or lobbyists. I always thought Steve Forbes
          10% flat tax on everyone the best idea.
          Non, je ne regrette rien.


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            Chief,I like Steve Forbes for president myself,but I would rather see a sales tax.Tax it when it's spent.Only trouble is no system will ever work until the government is reined in.

            The entire tax code as it stands should be scrapped,no burned(a single copy would fuel a boiler for a week).

            I persoally would not vote for a third party canidate thou,all you got there are people who see pink bunny rabbits or want to ban everything in sight.Ross Perot and Ralph Nader are two fine examples.

            Take a look in your dresser drawer,chances are if you read the labels you will see Honduras,Equador,Belize on tee-shirts and socks.
            We really need to help bring those people's standard of living up.FARC and Al-quiada are getting a foot hold in Columbia and Vennisuala and we had better do something now to stop it.
            I just need one more tool,just one!


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              I don't see CAFTA as being anything but devastating to my area of the country, which is typical, because to the average politican, nothing else exists but the east and west coasts. Just like NAFTA, same **** different day.
              I work for a business that relies rather heavily on the sugar beet processing industry, which will become extinct in this country under CAFTA according to people I've talked to from American Crystal Sugar Co. to name one, and dozens of beet farmers to name a few more. Believe me when I say, there are a whole lotta people who are just about ready to go to Washington with a noose in hand over it.


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                Quit worrying about that, and instead worry about the fact that the chinese are trying to buy out the rights to the Canadian tar sands, several Saudi-arabias worth of oil resource.

                How would you like to negotiate with a hostile state for the ability to buy a tiny dribble of the big river of resources leaving when it (was) actually yours, on your own land?

                BTW, they are NOT going to pay top dollar..... No , they know how the colonial biz works... pay 1% of the "real" cost to the yokels, but demand full pop plus a premium for what you sell back to them.

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                  I'm with you there...

                  -iron ore, bauxite, soybeans, timber, zinc and manganese in Brazil.

                  -tin in Bolivia

                  -oil in Venezuela

                  -copper in Chile where it displaced the United States as the leading market for Chilean exports.

                  (New York times)

                  <font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by J Tiers:
                  Quit worrying about that, and instead worry about the fact that the chinese are trying to buy out the rights to the Canadian tar sands, several Saudi-arabias worth of oil resource&gt;&gt;&gt;snip[This message has been edited by J Tiers (edited 07-29-2005).]</font>


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                    I listend to a talkshow guy yesterday who I always kind of agree with saying it was good the world marketplace was being opened up. Must be they don't plan to hire any non-english speaking host to replace him with.

                    I always believed it was important that the big guy make money so we could all feed off of him. But with this deal, I see him as the only one prospering. Any benefits we get from this deal will be in the form of cheaply made goods from fast buck artist. That's about all the more we'll be able to afford by then. When the rest of the world gets richer, it will be at the expense of the common working guy in this country and not our bosses.
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                      My neighbor explained it to me. When Megebucks corporations import things there are no tarifs. When you or I buy stuff over the border we get shafted. Like 1 bottle back from Mexico, a second gets a tariff. Drugs are made overseas, but they don't want you to buy them them there for less. Time to hold our legislators responsible or unemployed.