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Problem disengaging the half nut lever

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  • Problem disengaging the half nut lever

    After crashing into the sholder while threading and then trying to make the automatic carriage stop from the May/June HSM, I have determined that I now have a serious disengagement problem. I suspect this has been the root problem all along. If there is any significant resistance in the threading direction the half nut lever will not release. I guess the first question is how does the cross slide come off? This appears to be the first step in getting the top off the carriage assy to see inside. Any insight or suggestions would be appreciated. This is on a Nardini 12x30 lathe from Brazil.
    Byron Boucher
    Burnet, TX

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    I don't know the Nardini specifically but the halfnuts should be adjustable. If you crashed the carriage, maybe something is bent or broken. A stiff release may be a bent release pin(s)

    Check to see if there's a stop on the cross slide when you crank it all the way to the back. It may be a pin or a screw. On some lathes, you have to remove the back splash to the allow the cross slide to move all the way to the back. It should come off then but I don't see how that's going to give you access to the halfnuts.

    The carriage should come off by moving it all the way to the right (like the tailstock) and off the bed. You'll have to remove the feed screw(s) and guide blocks at the right. There may also be a stop on the bed between the rails. On some machines, this may be the only way to get to the halfnuts.