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  • Single Phase off Three Phase

    My Fritz Werner mill has a socket outlet on the side for a suds pump.
    The socket has only two pins.
    would I be right to asume that there is 230 volts single phase coming off this machine for the suds pump in some way.
    remembering this as you answer ..
    single phase in the uk is l live and 1 neutral.
    the socket is supplied by two purple wires off a seperate switch on the machine.
    I will be replacing this socket with another that will fit a plug that is common to it.
    i cant measure the voltage on these phases properly because they are being supplied by a rotary phase convertor and are all over the place when not on load.
    my delemer is .
    do i buy a uk (live and neutral)single phase suds pump or a three phase suds pump.
    and yes i could just buy a single phase pump and have it supplied from elsewhere...but i like the idea of hopw it is now if i can get it to work.
    the socket could also not be for the pump ..but for the light ....I've no idea.
    all the best.mark

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    Do you have a neutral on the machine ?
    If not than two wires will give you 440v

    Often in the past they used one phase and earth to get 240v but this is dangerous.
    If you need 240 single pahse then run a neutral in and use that with one phase.

    Loser John, - the poster formally known as John S.

    Sir John , Earl of Bligeport & Sudspumpwater. MBE [ Motor Bike Engineer ] Nottingham England.


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      NOPE neutral.
      I must therfore asume that it was done the dagerouse way in the past.
      wiring a neutral into the machine would mean I may as well just go out and get a single phase suds pump and plonk a three pin plug on it and plug it direct into a wall socket...same amount of work and less messy, wiring wise.
      thanks John.
      all the best.mark