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    I want to purchase an underneath belt motor (i.e. the one with a pedestal on the left that contained the motor and a nicely shaped curved cast iron leg on the right, the real classic, before the Heaqvy 10") in rebuilt or otherwise excellent condition, with all accessories, with 9-13 swing and 20-8 inch btw centers. I live n the end if Long Island and prefer not to drive mote than 6 hours one way to inspect/pick up. Send pictures to the following e-mail address.

    Tom Barr

    [email protected] (that is the numeral "1" after "tb, NOT a lower case letter"ell".

    631 725 7447

    Thanks to all for help in advance.

    mailbox:///C|/WINDOWS/Application%20Data/Mozilla/Profiles/test/b4p2t8pr.slt/Mail/ d/img9.gif

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    I have been told that advertising products or want lists is a NO NO on this list.



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      Hmmm. That's the first comment I've seen discouraging posting a desire to find or buy something. There have been many such postings.


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        Isnt this board to advance and promote the machining hobby? it seems that this person is trying to do just that, SO GET OFF THE SOAP BOX.IMHO


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          I'm amaized at how common sense isn't so common anymore.


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            Advertising is not wanted. Looking for tools or information on where to find something is a major part of the purpose of this forum.

            I would trust anyone with something Tom might be interested in would contact him by e-mail or phone as he requested.
            Jim H.


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              How about all the people who normally stand up and complain QUIT.

              The site has moderators, and where they see fit, I'm sure they will contact posters or end conversations. If you are not a moderator, it is not your concern.

              Once every week someone decided that a conversation is not good and they complain...and frankly, it gets old. If the moderator decides that he does not want to see these conversations, like I said before, he has the power to lock them or remove them.

              It's rediculous...

              I'm going to tell teacher!

              Grow up



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                You said it well!



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                  ilvmnYJdW2#1`_=}\':.<eywt^7s65$#ghGnHGfdstkNGgf [email protected]_[';]{I76%[email protected]$4$3

                  Just thought I'd do my part and contribute to the pool of white noise.


                  p.s. tb1500. Sorry no help from here. I think you stand a pretty good chance running across something you want up there in Long Island. 15+ years ago I think you could have found one for a song, but I'd bet there's still a comparatively high concentration of machines in your area. Good luck in the search.


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                    WELL SAID.Again and again,IMHO


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                      I think this Forum should have a wanted section. A fellow member of this board helped me aquire the full set of change gears for my southbend just a few days ago. Were all here to help each other out.


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                        As long as Grizzly dosen't start posting there specials here, In my opinion there's no harm in someone expressing a need or looking for a lead on something.

                        Would 16 replies saying "I know where there is one but, sorry I can't tell you." be better? Or "My uncle wants one hauled away, too bad you don't know him"

                        As long as it's not commercial, what's the big deal?

                        While we're at it, I could use parts for my 9" Hardinge lathe.

                        Ed Pacenka


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                          THERE IS A WANTED SECTION IN THE H.S.M.

                          For those who want to pay dearly for the privelage, perhaps that is why they dont have one here.


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                              JFS,Don't go away mad......................................