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What do you guys know about this?

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  • What do you guys know about this?

    There prices don't seem bad. and centraly located.
    Usual disclaimers apply.

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    Used to check on them pretty regularily. Not too far from me. Seems they fell off of my radar screen
    Forty plus years and I still have ten toes, ten fingers and both eyes. I must be doing something right.


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      I bought my lathe and mill from them and am very satisfied. I traded both times so was happy I did not have to go through helping someone ship my old units. I recently bought a 4 jaw from them and it was in super condition as they stated it as a nice chuck.


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        I have bought small stuff from them and been satisfied. I drive past them up I39, but have never stopped in.

        I have heard a number of folks bad mouth them as a bunch of ignorant farmers selling beat and broke machines for high prices.

        Can't speak directly to that aside from the fact that what I have bought was fine, prices good.
        CNC machines only go through the motions.

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          true they don't know anything about the machines.

          they will power up whatever you want but wont be able to tell you anything about operating it.

          true they are farmers.

          they are nice people.

          everyone has to make a living, so don't expect the "deal of a lifetime" auction prices.


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            They are nice friendly folks and have been known to take back a tool if it doesn't meet the buyer's needs, though I'd confirm that before buying. They've been happy to power up everything I've wanted to look at. They will deliver for around $1/mile, maybe more now. That's a big plus for those of us that are transportation challenged and much cheaper than freight companies, providing you are within range.


            Mike Henry near Chicago